This was the first session in many that I didn't load up puppets, treats, or my whoopee cushion. Even without these items, we sure had a good time and I felt like I was laughing a good amount of our time together. As I came home to look over the images from this session, I was thrilled at the authentic smiles, connections and relationship that was evident in this family...something I couldn't produce but was more than happy to document.

Anne's daughters are two of my dear friends and I have enjoyed visiting with her and Marc at birthday parties and get togethers. Anne is even Ruby's "birthday twin" and always sends along her love on May 29. Marc's daughter, Jessica, was coming in town for a visit and Anne wanted to have some good portraits of them. What made it even more fun was that Marc's other daughter, Lydia, was able to hop a train from Oregon and come up for the day to be part of the session and to soak up some "sister love".

Here are Marc and two of his beauties. Yes indeed, they were more than happy to be together.

IMG 2607 copy edited-1

I have been to Dash Point State Park many times for photo sessions but this was my first time at Dash Point down by The Lobster Shop. I will indeed be back as it was not crowded and had some fun elements there.

IMG 2622 copy edited-1

These sisters were loving being together and were most happy to tease each other...which brought out the best smiles!

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IMG 2722 copy edited-1

IMG 2678 copy edited-1

Such a warm personality Lydia has which I think is pretty obvious by her countenance. Beautiful.

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IMG 2716 copy edited-1

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IMG 2742 copy edited-1

Love this one.

IMG 2745 copywat

And Jessica. Can you believe those big eyes and her amazing coloring?

IMG 2759 copy edited-1

Anne and Marc, thanks for having me photograph this special afternoon. It was a pleasure :) .