It's always really fun for me to see little people who are soaking up the love of their family. The delight that Carlin and Eric have in each other and their little girl is very obvious and it warmed my heart immensely when Carlin shared on Facebook the other day something that Amorin said to her. (I'm copying here :) )"Mama, you're so beautiful. Just look at you." It reminded me that family is where little people learn how to be loved and how to give love. That's the way it's meant to be. I was so happy to meet up with Carlin, Eric and Amorin the other day for a family mini session, and to celebrate Amorin turning two this month. When she came bouncing down the sidewalk in her tutu, with her top pigtail bouncing and a smile on her face, people were grinning away at her. Turned out that we chose the day of Sumner's homecoming parade which was fast and furious but very crowded, so we went along the back alley of Main Street for our pictures.

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What a beauty. Those big brown eyes....

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A is for Amorin. I have to say, she peeked in the window of this antique store and saw a wooden pig and said, "There's a swine." I gasped and laughed and asked her parents how their barely two-year-old knew what "swine" meant. Too funny. Not only is she a sweetheart but she's a smart little cookie too.

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