This was the third family that I have photographed out of my friend's nursing colleagues from the ER.  What a great bunch you are and I can imagine that you have a good time working together. I have decided if there's ever an emergency in our family (i.e. little boys jumping off bookcases or swallowing raw chicken or sticking pipe cleaners in electrical outlets...not like that's ever happened before or anything :) ) that I am skipping the nearest hospital and heading to your ER! I was so pleased to spend time with Eric, Carlin and sweet little Amorin. They are some of the kindest people you could hope to meet and the delight they have in their little lady was such a blessing to see.

She is pretty amazing. At one, she has a bunch of words already and I kept getting surprised at the tiny sentences she was stringing together. She has a great temperament and a sunny smile.

This session actually happened in two parts. During the first visit, though she started out just fine, it soon became apparent that she wasn't feeling well when she just wanted to be held and was chomping on her little fingers. We got what we could and then decided to finish up when she was back on her game. Sure enough, Amorin sprouted little teeth a few days afterward.

Here are some fun pictures we did get of cuddling at the house and book reading.

IMG 9736 copy edited-1


IMG 9730 copy edited-1


IMG 9748 copy edited-1

See her little ankles crossed on her mommy's lap? Love.

IMG 9749 copy edited-1

I will always work to get a smile out of kids but I do just adore a beautiful look like this as well. Her big brown eyes are just gorgeous.

IMG 9781 cop edited-1

IMG 9864 copy edited-1

IMG 9843 copy edited-1

We headed out to the leaves for a few pictures too.

IMG 9685 copyw

IMG 9687 copywat

IMG 9696 copy copy

IMG 9705 copy copy

IMG 9714 copy edited-1

She was a trooper but then when the uncharacteristic sad face came....we knew it was time to finish up another time.

IMG 9699 copy copy

Three weeks later she was back to being  the happy, exploring, smiling girl that her parents know and love :) . They just bought and moved into their beautiful house this summer and so we did some shots outside of it.

IMG 4369 copy edited-1

IMG 4384 copy edited-1

IMG 4415 copy edited-1

IMG 4418 copy edited-1

IMG 4398 copy edited-1

Love her face as the kitty was walking by.

IMG 4492 copy edited-1

IMG 4497 copy edited-1

IMG 4494 cop edited-1

IMG 4503 cop edited-1

IMG 4511 copy edited-1

IMG 4530 copy edited-1

IMG 4537 copy edited-1

IMG 4546 copy edited-1

I had them pop in the back of their vehicle. Sometimes it is fun to document little bits of life this way. Favorite toys, books she was reading, what you were traveling in.

IMG 4559 copy edited-1

IMG 4577 copy edited-1

IMG 4587 copy edited-1

One of her grandmas knit this lovely sweater. Hooray for handmade goodness!

IMG 4607 copy edited-1

IMG 4661 copy edited-1

It's so obvious this little girl has been so loved. What a pleasure it was to spend this time with you!