Sarah was just about three months along with Baby Number Four when she sent me a message about doing a maternity session. I was thrilled and when I let her know that she could do this session as a part of the fundraising I was doing for the adoption of a little boy from China by her friend, Desiree, she said they definitely wanted to do that. By the way, Desiree, has had the final acceptances from China done and should be going to get her son in the next few weeks! Yay! You can bet that little bub and his mama will show up here on the blog! Maternity sessions are always special for me, that final time of documenting a family just before the new little one comes. I also think that pregnant moms are so beautiful, though they all smile and try not to roll their eyes when I say so :). I understand because at the end of pregnancy no-one feels super glamorous. However, a tummy full of a special little person is so worth celebrating and I don't know any moms that have done maternity sessions that regret them!

When Sarah, Morten, and their three kids drove up to the marina where we were meeting, little Luke was konked out in the back seat. The sweet guy needed a little bit of time to wake up so while his dad and big brother hung out with him for a few minutes, I started out with the girls.

Oh, how I was tempted to give Amelia's curls a boing. She was a little dream all dressed up in her sundress. I know she can barely wait to see that baby sister who will be here very shortly.

IMG 5705 copyw


IMG 5718 copy edited-1

She's been doing a lot of hugging that special tummy of her mom and feeling the baby thump around in there.

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And a flower for the baby.


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Then the boys were ready to roll and joined us down by the boats where Amelia was making me nervous jumping and running down the docks. So we sat :).


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IMG 5851 copy edited-1

Yes, Luke is ready to assume the big brother role.


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I had each of the kids and draw on the whiteboard. Oh, the fun that Baby Number Four will have with all these older kids to dote on her.

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Amelia's picture was of her sister growing with the flowers.

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This Caleb has a big heart. He's been working hard at the garage sale fundraising efforts for Desiree's adoption. He made a ton of signs and helped sell things.

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While the boys were playing around, Amelia wandered into the flowers and I absolutely couldn't resist a girl in her sundress picking flowers.

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Then just as we were winding up, the light turned perfectly creamy and warm and we did a few more. I think Sarah was so stunning.

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There's a lot of love in this beautiful family and their precious girl is going to fit right in!

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