Kellie and Jonathan have loved their little girl for a very long time. They have hoped for, prayed for, and longed for her and she is about to arrive in just a few weeks. They are so very excited and so are many, many family members and friends. This mama better invest in a sling with a padlock when she is out with her new little girl.

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Jonathan is a worship pastor at our church and the first few Sundays that we were at our new church, I pretty much sat and cried through that sweet worship time as we felt so at home. Then we got to know Jonathan and Kellie through our small group and they truly are the real deal, as genuine and kind as they appear here.

It's always fun to show a bit of what season we are in...the leaves on the ground.

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Love this one. Love the sunshine we got this afternoon.

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I think that a beautiful mom is even more beautiful when she knows how very much she is loved.

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Kellie and I have talked a lot about home birth as that is their plan. I was able to have my three kidlets at home and so loved the experience. I feel caught up in their excitement and am glad that in a few short weeks, I will have a chance to come over and hear about it.

She's so pretty.

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This mama is looking forward to getting her hands on her pumpkin.

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Jonathan and Kellie both have large families who love this baby already. I thought this was such a neat gift from Kellie's big family...all the family members and a space for you-know-who. I know a photographer who would love to take a picture of a newborn to fit in the last space, cute as that drawing is!

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Babies are a miracle from God, each and every one. Can't wait to meet your miracle, Kellie and Jonathan!