I can't even express how thankful I am to all of you who have partnered with me in supporting the adoption of a precious little boy from China. Between parent photography workshops, full sessions, and this portrait fund raiser we have raised a few thousand dollars. Several people have used these opportunities to dump lots more money in support of this adoption (which I strongly suspect would have happened even without any photography :)) but it's been such a blessing for me to be a part of. There is more information about this adoption on Desiree's blog HERE.

The Adoption Portrait Fund raiser was held last Saturday as my first ever opportunity to purchase portraits individually and not a part of a package or complete session. We had a wonderful range of people who came for family updates, kid portraits, couples images and "just-because-you-want-to-support-adoption" pictures. Desiree was there to help me and give the updates to the people that came through, opening her locket around her neck with a wee picture of her precious Little One tucked inside. It was a good day, despite the gnarly weather patterns that we had. Snow! Rain! Sun! We had it all in three hours. Thankfully, everyone was great sports and we were dry under the overhang at the church where we met. I was just looking for a simple, clean location with beautiful light and protection from the weather if we needed it and we needed it!

The most wonderful moment of the day was when Noah and Elli presented Auntie Desiree with a baggie full of coins that they had dumped out of their piggy banks that morning. They had somehow overheard conversation about money for adoption and decided on their own that they wanted to be a part of bringing their cousin home. Oh man, tissues all around. That was the best $3.51 that I've seen in a long time.

IMG 1306 copy

I know Desiree has been so blessed by the incredible support that she's received from very close friends and family as well as complete strangers who have encouraged her, with both money and kind words and prayers. Thank you. Thank you!

So here are a few of my favorite images of the day to share with you.

IMG 1135 copy edited-1

IMG 1173 copy edited-1

IMG 1189 copy edited-1

IMG 1182 copy edited-1

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Tricia was one of the people who needed a good headshot for her interior design website she's working on. I can't tell you how important I think it is for you to have a good image on your website or blog! The ability to see who you are online with a clean professional image feels critical to me. Check out my one person mini sessions on my website pricing if you are interested in this.

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It was a good day, one that went flying by and filled me with encouragement with all the people who believe in family and adoption. Thanks to all who came and to all my friends who helped spread the word! Can't wait until this little boy comes home and I can share images of him!