It wasn't a nine month period of expecting before she received her son. It's been since she was seventeen. Desiree said:

I’m sure every adoptive parent has a different on-ramp on their road to adoption, but the mileage is the same. Mine was on a plane, December 1994. I was seventeen and on my first trip to Seattle—the city that I now call my own. During the boarding process, a woman in a white t-shirt holding an Asian toddler passed on my left down the aisle. She didn’t bump me. The kid wasn’t screaming. No one smelled funny. There was no reason why this woman & child should have stood out to me. But the Voice within me that echoed as she passed me was significant: “That’ll be you”. Of course, at the time, I didn’t understand the magnitude of that prophetic statement. I nonchalantly tucked it away in the “Someday” file that, at the time, included riding in a hot air balloon and marrying Val Kilmer. (Hello, Top Gun!)

She's chronicled her journey of how that seed in her heart grew to a place where she strongly felt from the Lord that she was to persue adoption. From there, she shared the ups and downs of paperwork, fingerprints, home studies, room decorating, fundraising, waiting...waiting...waiting. She was matched with her son through Bethany Christian Services and her heart leapt as she knew that this was her boy!!! You can read the amazing and honest journey here on her blog, THE ADOPTION SEED.

I know she's been so overwhelmed with support and love from all around the world. People have given, donated, prayed and jumped up and down with her as she has opened her heart and home to her precious boy. It was entirely my privilege to do a special family session with Isaac and Desiree, to document the love that they share. Isaac is her boy, and Isaac sure knows who his mama is. The way he'd cling to her and grin and smile, and then caress her face with his little hands was so incredible. The way she just lit up around him made my heart overflow. Adoption is a miracle and they've seen the hand of the Lord all over this process.

Here's what love looks like. Enjoy.

02-IMG 8129 copy




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03-IMG 8130 copy edited-1


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07-IMG 8176 copy

He likes being hugged and kissed.


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A beautiful quilt made from his Aunt Tavia, with each square representing something meaningful about their story.

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She's worn this locket with his sweet face in it from the first pictures she was given.

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26-IMG 8589 copy

I just am amazed at what a happy and responsive little fellow that Isaac is. He is so fun and I was laughing pretty much the whole time we were shooting.

27-IMG 8596 cop1


28-IMG 8600 copy


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30-IMG 8656 copy

He's learning how to kiss back.

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Desiree shared with me:

The Red Thread of Destiny is a belief that comes from an old Chinese legend. Also known as the red thread of fate or red string of fate, it means that people who are destined to meet are tied together with an invisible red thread.The term is also very popular among families who adopt children from China. The saying is that when a baby is born, he or she is already connected to the important people in his or her life. The red thread becomes an important symbol during the adoption process and helps parents feel connected to the child they are waiting to adopt.

Isaac was busy munching on his end of the red ribbon :). I love this beautiful symbol of them together at last.

32-IMG 8787 copy

33-IMG 8791 copy

34-IMG 8811 copy

36-IMG 8850 copy

35-IMG 8864 copy

Oh gosh, I've been in tears while I've edited all these and now as I've blogged. What a blessing to be included in telling this story through photography.

I also want to thank all the many people who came to classes and bought the sessions where the proceeds went to the adoption fund for Isaac and Desiree to be together. I so appreciate your support and the fact that we could partner together to be a part of this. So many others of you have donated items and money, prayed and cheered them on also. What an incredible opportunity we've had. Thank you, Desiree, for letting us be a small part of your story. We will continue to watch your family's story unfold.

Much, much love.