When I am coming in for a newborn session, part of what I tell moms is that I am not in a hurry, and that I leave lots of time for calming babies when they are fussy or feeding or need to be held. Well, sweet Abbey looked at me with her wise little eyes and stayed in a perfect mood as I stripped her down to her diapers, flipped her around, put on hats, and turned her over. Honestly, I think I could have tossed her in the air and she would have remained perfectly content. Her mummy said that she could have a dozen babies if they were all as good as this little girl, especially if she could skip the pregnancy part:)

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Abbey and her parents, Pamela and Ian, who are, in a very long ways related to me. (My brother in law's mom is married to Ian's dad). This session was a gift from the grandparents and I was thrilled to be able to meet this very loved little girl.

IMG 6941 copywat

Little Abbey is an absolute gift to them.

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They found out they were expecting a baby following an incredibly difficult season of losing Pam's dad, whom she was so very close to. As we were getting set up, she told me about her dad and both of us were in tears as she related how much he had loved her, believed in her, and longed for blessing for his family. So less than a year from the time of his passing, Pam went into the hospital to have Abbey, and was given a letter that her dad had written for her for when she became a mom. What a legacy! Pam wanted to honor him by having Abbey photographed with some of his items including: a quilt that she had made with his fire fighter's number on it, a bracelet worn by hundreds when her dad was sick and a necklace.

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I think that Abbey looks so very much like her beautiful mummy.

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Look at that face. I think she has a sense of how very important she is to her family.

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I always find it so amazing that babies so quickly learn to have eye contact and find the faces of their parents.

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My mum has been knitting some newborn hats for me to use and here Abbey kindly modeled a new one for me.

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A quick trip outside for some pictures in my antique doll cradle....love that little foot poking out.

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A new hope. Abbey, it was such a pleasure meeting you and your family.