What did we do before facebook for baby announcements? I saw Andrea post that they were heading to the hospital, saw the smattering of curious friends wondering...is there a baby yet?? Then there were gorgeous pictures of a perfect little boy and a beaming Andrea, holding her son with tears in her eyes and a smile a mile wide. It's always a treat for me to get to meet these little ones when they are so tiny and new. Aaron Josiah was nine days old when I headed over to their home. What a little lovey! He's so peaceable and was really happy and snuggled up like a happy lump with Grandma Sandy when I got there.

They were very easygoing and game for anything I suggested so we piled the family onto mom and dad's bed so we could get some cuddly, new family pictures.

IMG 6352 copyw


IMG 6349 copy edited-1

Ryan, the big brother, was awesome and did a great job hanging out with us. He did some smothering of his baby brother and little Aaron just winced and turned his head.

IMG 6371 copy edited-1

Even Brittany, the dog, was welcomed up there with them all.

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Ryan loved his mom's sound effects. She was pretty impressive and told me they'd read this story many, many, many times.

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Grandma Sandy had just arrived on the plane the night before and they were delighted to have her there. There's nothing like a mom those first days to help with other kids, put a meal together, change little diapers, and rock the baby. What a blessing! Andrea knows just how fortunate they are to have her!

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IMG 6432 copy

These feet pictures took some co-ordinating and heavy bribing for the three year old who was just about done...and I am glad we put in the effort because I love these ones!

IMG 6516 copy edited-1

IMG 6528 copyw

Happy to have their little one with them.

IMG 6472 copyw

We went outside to let Ryan run around and golf and ride his bikes and got some more pictures of Aaron being cuddled by everyone.

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IMG 6599 copyw

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There's a lot of love for this little boy.

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Love these.

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Andrea has such a gorgeous smile.

IMG 6636 copyw

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For the second part of our shoot, we heated up the back bedroom to be quite warm and peeled Aaron down so we could get some portraits of just him in some knits and hats. He was such an easygoing lovebug.

IMG 6685 copyw

IMG 6698 copyw

Hats and knitted sleep sack by my friend, Ashley at Elijah's Cradle Design.

IMG 6712 copyw

This newborn time is so fleeting. The curled up legs, little belly button forming, wrinkly skin, super sleepy face...changes so quickly.

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He's perfect. He's a blessing. I know he's very loved by his beautiful family. I am very blessed to have had this time. Thank you, Jeff and Andrea.

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