There was twelve of them and one of me and they were the ones waiting patiently, early to our meeting spot. I was impressed. It feels like all I can do to get my four littles out the door most days. Kimberlee, the self- proclaimed "bossy sister" was the one who organized this family session, when her mom and most of the siblings were up visiting from Oregon. Being a bossy sister myself, I understand what it takes to steer the ship sometimes. Kimberlee warned me that some of the members of the family...and she didn't name names :)....were not really the happy-to-stand-in-a-line-and-be-photographed-sorts. I wasn't worried. Usually when we get together, I try to keep things moving along and happy, then families get distracted by having fun together. That's really what we want anyways, not the poker straight lines of deadpan faces.

As it turns out, I hardly believed her. What a super, super bunch. I really enjoyed them and loved seeing the dynamic and teasing happening the longer we were together.

First we got individuals of each of them. Not good at being in pictures? What-e-vah!

In no particular order:

IMG 6865 copy1 edited-1


IMG 6905 copy edited-1


Then this is Kellie (the oldest sister) and her husband, Jonathan. You'll see them and their sweet daughter, Ariella, in the next couple months.

IMG 6946 cop1 edited-1

Confession: Ariella got more than equal time in front of the camera. I could not help myself.

IMG 6974 copy1 edited-1


As a lovely way to honor their dad and husband, Hank, who passed away last summer, they brought along a great picture of him. He was a good man who loved the Lord and his family.

IMG 6997 copy edited-1

A little more with the star of the show.

IMG 7040 copy edited-1


IMG 7080 copy edited-1

A sweet cuddle with Grandma Julie (I didn't know before that Ariella had two grandmas named cool!).

IMG 7089 copy edited-1

IMG 7092 copy edited-1

IMG 7124 copyw

Just a note on what they are wearing: I LOVE how they all chose different styles, shades, looks with whites, blues, browns. It is very cohesive but shows lots of personality too. Ah, yes, personality :) .

IMG 7134 copy1

I like to stir the pot with siblings. Who's the loudest? Who's the messiest? It invokes reactions like this which is exactly what I am looking for.

Pictured here from oldest to youngest:

Kellie, Kimberlee, Anna, Ruth, Jeremiah, Rachel, Christopher, Benjamin, Isaac.

IMG 7148 copy edited-1

IMG 7189 copy edited-1

IMG 7198 copy edited-1

IMG 7215 copy edited-1

IMG 7229 copy edited-1

IMG 7231 copy edited-1

LOVE how this one turned out. Prego sister Kellie shows us a nice profile of her baby belly while the other sisters show their wild side!

IMG 7247 copy edited-1

That's a lot of legs.

IMG 7270 copy edited-1

IMG 7274 copyw

IMG 7365 copy edited-1

Ariella contemplates who is the craziest uncle of all.

IMG 7412 copy edited-1

Blowing me a kiss at the end...such a honey!

IMG 7429 copy edited-1

IMG 7378 copy edited-1

Thanks to all of you for being so awesome to work with. Family pictures should be fun and you really made it that way.