I had the chance to pop in and visit my old friend, Michelle and her new baby. Her older ones were out with grandparents and I left my littles with my parents so we actually got to visit and I got to hog the baby the whole time I was there. And Michelle, being Michelle, had a spotless home, fresh tea and cookies made, and berries in pretty bowls. It was one of those comforting visits with a friend I have known forever, but is still the same generous heart that she has always been, since we were single digits.

WHAT a cuddlebug little Justin is! He came a month early and surprised everyone but they were all perfectly delighted to welcome him. He is very boy and very cute and makes more grunts and squeaks than I have heard in a while. Michelle laughed and said he reminded her of a little goat.

Little sleepy grins. I always consider each and every baby smile a real smile. Gas? Whatever. He's dreaming of wonderful things!

IMG 8534 copywat

Justin is number three in line at their home. His big sisters, Emily and Bethany, have been doing so well with him, his mom reported.

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IMG 8536 copywat

I just love the fuzz in his little piggies. How many times do moms pull fuzzies off their babies' feet after their socks come off?

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IMG 8548 copywat

He truly is a sweet little lump of a boy.

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I absolutely laughed when I saw this one. You can imagine the speech bubble above his head,"Enough of the kissing, already!!"

IMG 8577 copywat

Sorry, buddy. You may be in for many years of unrestricted kissing, at least until you learn to run. And even then, I suspect your mum will still catch you :) .