My friend, Heather, came for a visit last weekend. I haven't seen her since before Ruby was born, but as soon as she walked in the door, it seemed like I just was drinking coffee with her a week ago. Heather is one of those old friends that I can just pick up with like a continuing conversation. She's also one of those friends, who falls right into the category of "honorary auntie" with my kids. Tymen accidently called her "Auntie Feather" and it kind of stuck for the whole weekend. We talked. Anyone who knows Heather knows that she likes to talk. We ate yummy desserts. We dug into some deep things. I was grateful for all the encouragement that she was to me. I was also so pleased to see how her heart has grown since we were last together.

Heather is one of those people that wants the truth in her life and she is willing to yield herself to the truth that the Lord shows her....and lets herself be changed by that. I love that about her.

She and Ruby and Theo and I ran by the beach after church on Sunday and I talked her into doing a few pictures.

IMG 1576 copy edited-1

IMG 1605 copy edited-1

IMG 1584 copy edited-1

Like a true auntie, Heather hauled around kids, buckled seatbelts, changed a few diapers and squeezed our baby.

IMG 1658 copy edited-1

IMG 1686 copy edited-1

IMG 1692 copy edited-1


IMG 1671 copy edited-2

I really love this one. Heather saturated in the warmth of the sun.

IMG 1597 copy edited-1

On Monday, we brought Heather to the Pike Street Market, a standard for our visitors. Mr. Greek's gyros are our favorites but they were closed so we headed in for our second choice, crepes. Heather and the boys hopped on the barstools for a closer look at the process.

IMG 1734 copywat

We put in our orders for our savory crepes, ham, cheese, spinach, béchamel sauce.

IMG 1779 copywat

However, we couldn't resist a chocolate one too, not with the nutella jars staring us in the face.

IMG 1742 copy

Anticipation was rising.

IMG 1748 copy

Loved the concentration of my little boy.

IMG 1761 copywat

IMG 1770 copywat

IMG 1776 copy edited-1

IMG 1787 copy

Then the camera was put down as we all inhaled our lunch. Of course, we saved room for the Pike Street mini donuts, chocolatines and mochas from Le Panier and then all sugar crashed on the way home.

It was a happy day. It was a happy visit. Thanks for the happy time, Auntie Feather. Come back and see us soon!