For goodness' sake, I have been sitting here with tears welling up in my eyes as I have edited these pictures. Little Ethan is so very loved and it was such a pleasure to see his mom and dad so delighted with him. Auntie Cindy was there too, cooing and getting his attention and coming up with some great ideas. I think we make a great team, Cindy!

IMG 5397 copy

Here is the sweet boy happily sucking on his fingers. You would never know that he was a four pounder when he was born, judging from all his rolls and dimples.

We put him in my new antique doll cradle so he could give it a try.

IMG 5381 copy

Mom worked hard to get some smiles out of this boy. He got pretty distracted by the lady with the big camera in front of her face but he eventually gave us his trademark grins.

IMG 5475 copy

I love the next fun to see a baby and a mommy responding to each other.

IMG 5648 copy

IMG 5510 copy

Dad is proud of his little son and happy to love him up.

IMG 5614 copy

Everyone needs to be cherished like this.

IMG 5687 copy

I am telling you, we gave this sweet boy a workout and really tired him out.

IMG 5697 copy

He was cradled to sleep and then it was a big group effort to transfer him to the blanket.

IMG 5764 copy

Love, love, love this one.

IMG 5805 copy


And this one.

IMG 5813 copy

Denny and Lauri, it is so obvious that you have a blessed household. Thanks for letting me share some of this wonderful time with you.

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