There is very good reason for this tummy to be so big and cute.

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This beautiful mummy and her husband are expecting TWO little babies...very soon.

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I was so happy to squeak in a session with Jenny so we could capture some images of her tummy before their littles come to join them...and it could be any day now...but she sure would like to get through Christmas first.

Here she is holding the beautiful quilts that her mother-in-law made for the babies...a boy and a girl...or so the ultra sound techs have confirmed again and again.

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I enjoyed meeting Jenny and chatting about pregnancy and newborns. I was so impressed by her. She was excited and getting so ready to see those little faces. She was really level headed about entering into motherhood. They have taken classes and what I think is the best, already accepted lots of help and support from family who have offered to step in and lend a hand. I think that makes all the difference in how the first few weeks can go. For a new mommy, what a lovely thing it is to be able to let go of the nitty gritty details of life and concentrate on taking care of yourself and getting little ones off to a great start.

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I love the thought of two little sweethearts all cuddled in there, ready to come out and greet their parents very soon.

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She is so CUTE. I know pregnant moms don't feel super glamorous at the end but there is just something amazing about growing a little life (or little lives) in there.

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Jenny, I hope you enjoyed your little peek. I loved visiting with you yesterday. I so look forward to meeting your little treasures when they decide to make their appearance. Put your feet up as much as you can between now and deserve it for all that hard work you've been doing growing your little ones.

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