We've been having a rough week, the boys and I. Maybe it's cabin fever. I am not quite sure but we have been working on not clobbering each other with swords, not gloating when the other is in trouble, and sharing just about everything. Jasper looked at me the other day, sighed deeply, and said, "I think I am done with Tymen being my brother, mum."

Ben has rescued me with cups of coffee and even sent me out for a pedicure one night this week. (I love that man.)

This morning I decided to make pie with the boys. Baking is high on the list of favored activities and the bribery of eating whatever we are making always seems to induce model behavior from these siblings.

I got out the pie recipe that my friend, Susan, made a few weeks ago at our small group Bible study. She had quietly brought the warm, homemade apple pie out at the end of our discussion and put it on the table. Immediately all conversation ceased as we all leaned in and hoped that we would get the biggest slice. Ben and I talked about it for a week and she kindly sent me the recipe.

Hands washed and to the island.

How I love my apple peeler, corer, slicer from The Pampered Chef. I have gotten my money's worth out of this baby, I'll tell you. All the apples were done in less than five minutes, even with "help".

IMG 6601 copy

The boys munched on bits of the extra apple and they really love the "apple worm" skins. I am always quick to point out how they can't eat worms outside, right? When Tymen is your son you point out these things.

IMG 6607 copywat

They took seriously their job of putting the apples in the shell. A deep sense of camaraderie and brotherhood descended upon our kitchen with this shared task.

IMG 6619 copy

IMG 6622 copywat

IMG 6623 copywat

That cheeky grin came after I caught him sneaking some extras.

IMG 6626 copy

IMG 6640 copy

A zealous helper poured on some sugar on our piecrust heart. We were running a little low on flour and so had to make 2/3 the recipe, so we got creative with the top.

IMG 6618 copy

IMG 6652 copy

IMG 6645 copy

IMG 6653 copy

There is a time for everything under heaven. A time to play together and a time for roomtime separately (because you can't manage to share the Tinker Toys). A time to dress up like a monkey and his firefighter friend and a time to take a bath (because the monkey and firefighter got into their sister's play makeup). A time to ride bikes on the sidewalk and a time to stop (because you keep crashing into each other). A time to make pie with your mum and a time for her to sit down with a warm slice and a cup of coffee and remember that she really is crazy about you.