What I love about my job is the variety of what I get to photograph: grins of six-year-olds with missing teeth, families cracking up together, toddlers with chunky legs, couples, bellies of happy pregnant mamas. I love it all....but I especially adore the opportunity to photograph newborns. I love to hear the stories of how they arrived and I get to cuddle and smell all the newborn goodness. Such a treat! Since I have known about little Elijah when he was just a little tiny bump in his mom's tummy, I have been looking forward to meeting this fellow. I was so happy to set up a time to come to James and Ashley's to hear all about his arrival (this guy was in a hurry) and to capture their family of three.

What I like to do during newborn sessions is to get a good set of just the baby...all those yummy newborn bits and pieces. I love to get the legs curls up and the feet folded in, the wrinkly and peeling skin, the yawns and stretches which are so characteristic of those first days. Then I work on getting some of the family together and of all that amazing love that gets showered on the new person.

Here are Elijah's parents in their MATERNITY SESSION where they did indeed get showered upon in a literal sense :) .

Little Elijah was a dream, such a sweet baby and so very, very loved.

IMG 7689 copy

I confess. I started to feel newborn fever when I was with this little boy. I just adore this earliest time and he is a most darling boy. Yes, I can gush, gush, gush.

IMG 7706 copy

IMG 7708 copy

Those little toes curled right up. It's so easy to imagine how this little fella was all tucked inside his mama.

IMG 7719 copy

Newborn fuzzy shoulders and slumpy little bodies.....and of course, the little bottoms.

IMG 7727 copy edited-1

Please raise your hand if your mom and dad are so in love with you....

IMG 7709 copy

IMG 7735 copy

IMG 7740 copy edited-1

A turtle gift from Grandma Jane. From what I hear, the grandparents are pretty happy this little boy has arrived.

IMG 7919 copy edited-1

IMG 7748 copy edited-1

IMG 7769 copy

IMG 7796 copy edited-1

Those little eyes were looking for his mama and I loved to see his small head turn to her direction whenever he heard her speaking.

IMG 7811 copy

IMG 7815 copy edited-1

IMG 7806 copy edited-1

IMG 7858 copy edited-1

IMG 7864 copy

IMG 7870 copy


IMG 7916 copy

This wee boy certainly looks like his daddy but there is a fair share of his pretty mom in that face too.

IMG 7894 copy edited-1

IMG 7976 copy

So loved this idea Ashley had.

IMG 7964 copy

IMG 7946 copy edited-1

Dad's boy. Oh yeah.

IMG 7932 copy

Ashley and James, thank you so much for having me in your home for this special time. I hope these images will always make you remember these first special days with your beautiful son. I am so happy for you.