There are always some variables during photo shoots….actually there’s a lot.  Weather, naps for little guys, locations, lighting and on and on.  On this day we were happy to have sun but as much as I don’t like to complain about the weather, it was awfully hot.  In fact, I had my own feet dipped in the fountain at the park when Erin and Josh arrived with their kiddos and patient dog.  Three pictures in, Addie asked if she was done and I knew she was ready for her popsicle right away and who could blame her?  However, Josh and Erin were amazing with the kids.  They played and laughed and talked and kept them going.  They did such a great job with them that they were distracted and had a lot of fun, though we all were happy to hop in the fountain at the end too cool off!

Little Addie marched along, my new friend, with her happy grin and great freckles.  I love the set we got of her and her mummy playing around together.  I just couldn’t narrow the pictures down much.  Gabe, being a good one year old, was keen on walking and has a super little personality.  Thanks, Erin and Josh, for being so awesome.  I know that being the parents of littles can get a bit hairy at times but you made it look like a piece of cake.

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