Sometimes pictures aren't just pictures. Sometimes they are way more important than a nice family image to share at Christmas and put on the wall. My friend, Rebecca, contacted me a few weeks ago, asking if I might have time in my schedule to take some family photos for her. I emailed back some dates and times and less than an hour later got an email from Rebecca's long time friend, who I've never met but who has left some very sweet notes on previous blogposts I've done of their family. She said that she had no idea if Rebecca was even thinking of doing portraits this year but that she would love to cover their session if she could. I just cried and when I let both ladies know about the timing of their emails, they cried too. God is so good and the way that He uses people to love and care for each other is amazing. I think it's stuff like this that is like a gift from the Lord to let us know that He knows and He cares about our lives deeply. Covering this photo session feels to me like a little symbol of how much He is covering their lives and working all things for good.

I know Rebecca and her kids know that they are loved by their family and friends and the Lord...I only hope they know how very much that is.

I was so happy to spend the afternoon with them. I just think they are incredible, together and individually. We played and laughed. They hugged and teased. It was a good time.

01-IMG 8812 copy

02-IMG 8820 copy


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05-IMG 8840 copy

I'm sure the people in this office building thought we'd lost our minds as we made faces in the mirror.



06-IMG 8877 copy

LOVE the words on this mirror of the garden store.

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Tricia's sunny smile just lights up the room. I love the way that she tenderly cares for little ones and has opened up to show the heart of the beautiful young woman she's becoming.



17-IMG 8967 copy

18-IMG 8971 copy

Bella was rocking the model pose and we were all loving it. What a warm and sweet spirit she has, full of joy.


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21-IMG 8999 copy


When I asked the girls what the best thing was about Antonio, they said, "He really loves us." Oh my goodness. What a thing to say about your brother. Rebecca and I just looked at each other with tears in our eyes.

20-IMG 8993 copy


22-IMG 9007 copy

He really is a young man of character, wisdom and strength. His loving heart and compassion is such an example to me and an encouragement to raise our sons like this.


There was a few Sundays back that Rebecca was leading worship at church, singing, "On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, All Other Ground is Sinking Sand." That is so her, standing in truth and shining with the love and beauty of the Lord.

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27-IMG 9074 copy

Antonio obviously had the balancing thing down way better than the girls.

28-IMG 9080 copy

29-IMG 9112 copy

Love this next set as I had them strike a pose and then switch each time. They are fun!

30-IMG 9116 copy

31-IMG 9120 copy

32-IMG 9123 copy

Love, love, love.

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At the end, we finished by going for frozen yogurt, one of their favorite family things to do. They taste tested and then loaded on the goodies.



Because dark chocolate is so very often the answer...

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39-IMG 9260 copy

Full of life and blessing, your family is so loved.