I think that being a mum has definitely helped my photography in so many ways. I have a decent handle on white balance, f-stops, lens flare, and shooting manually. However, that feels like a fraction of my job when photographing families. I also understand little busy boys, shy girls, and moms who are trying to be laid back but are a wee bit worried about preschoolers who might not sit still. (By the way, no good preschooler sits still...it's not the way they are built!) So I play and talk and we goof around. We try different set ups and change things up and somehow manage to get a sweet slice of family and what that looks like. And I love, love, love it! I spent a great morning with Susie, Ryan, Cameron and Griffin. The weather was a bit dicey so we ended up staying in their gorgeous home and getting a little peek at their family where they spend so much of their time. I knew right off when I was chatting with Susie on the phone beforehand that we would hit it off. She was looking for what I love to photograph, a good capture of their relationships. They were kind and flexible and ready to play around with their precious boys. The love they have for each other was right there and so easy to document.

We started out with Mr. Griffin who was an absolute superbaby that morning. At two months, he was chilling and just grinned and then slept as he was jostled around in the mix.

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IMG 9270 copyw

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Mama love. It's endlessly fascinating.

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Susie said Cam is their "spirited" one. Busy works for me. We just had to keep him engaged. A favorite book was a good way to start a family cuddle.

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IMG 9399 copyw

You can see Griffy was just chilling on the bed.

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I was throwing stuff at Cam and balancing things on my head.

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A smile for daddy.

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Susie was tickling and playing with her little man and we got some fun ones.

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Love, love, love.

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They were completely game for some kissing pictures. A good fit they are.

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This one at the end totally made me laugh. Cam was running around and so busy and to get him to slow down and look at me, I asked him if he could see the little creatures in my camera. I don't think he was buying it :) .

IMG 9884 copy edited-1

Susie and Ryan, thanks for letting me capture a little bit of your beautiful family at this stage in your lives.