It was just about a year ago we were sitting on a deck in Friday Harbor chatting after our friend’s wedding, and Rachelle told me she was expecting number two. I was excited to meet little Miss Margot in June and we planned to do some family beach pictures at the end of summer.  I was looking forward to seeing their family.  Rachelle and Kevin are awesome and I absolutely adore Brandt, who’s outgoing, all boy and totally hilarious.  Add to that a baby girl who beams and smiles when you look at her. Apparently every one else was thinking beach that night too and the area that were were going to meet was slam jam packed….as in people every ten feet or so.  I put in a call as they were driving to meet me and Kevin came up with an amazing plan B where we had a lovely little slice of beach all to ourselves. Rachelle and Kevin are so fun and engaging with their kids, and were more than willing to play around, which creates my favorite kinds of family pictures.

Thanks, friends, for a great night!