When I was fourteen-going-on-fifteen I was definitely not thinking about a huge gift that I could give my mom for Christmas months in advance. I was thinking about what I could buy myself with my babysitting money.

That's what makes Kaia, Kaia.

IMG 7436 copy edited-1

This beauty contacted me months ago about doing a photo shoot for her mom because she knows how much her mom loves photos of all of them together. And because Kaia is Kaia I decided to make this family session the exception to my post-Theo-only-bellies-and-newborns-until-the-new-year-rule. I was glad I did. Kaia is babysitter extroirdonnaire at our church and all the moms just love her. She knows every baby and kids' special binky and toy and kids are crazy about her, including my crazies. When she was over a few weeks ago at a party and my niece fussed a little, Kaia strode across the room, picked her up and settled her down instantly. My sister told me later, "I NEED a Kaia!"

I know that Kaia's mom, Korinna, is glad she has a Kaia....and a Jessa, who is Kaia's sister and just as sweet as she looks.

Hanging out with Kaia, Jessa, and Korinna was like a perfect afternoon with girlfriends. We laughed, we visited and we even topped it off with Starbucks...perfect girl time indeed! Seeing as how parks are pretty brown and mushy, we decided to go to downtown Tacoma and they introduced me to several places I had never been before. I loved the textures and architecture and we ran around happily. They were great sports about doing everything I suggested, and Kaia almost was willing to jump in a trash can...almost....until she saw I was teasing her....and then she was relieved.

Here are some of my favorites.

IMG 7401 copywat


IMG 7414 copy edited-1

Yep, we did plenty of laughing.

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Look at the top picture. Do you think Kaia felt unjustly accused of something?

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This mama loves her girls.

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After a while we spotted this fine gentleman. The girls distracted him while Korinna checked his bag to see if he had any spare Starbucks giftcards to share.

IMG 7595 copy edited-1

These ARE Seattle girls, after all, and they know how they like their drinks! (And they even got me one too!)

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It is a wonderful life, isn't it?

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I know this beautiful mom was feeling it, spending the afternoon getting photos with her treasured daughters. So Korinna, try to act surprised when you open your disk of pictures on Christmas morning, okay?

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A little business to end off. I am now booking for 2011 so if you have any dates in mind, this is a good time to get on the calendar. Also, I have gift certificates available for any of you who would like to purchase a session for Christmas for someone you love.