After an hour of wedding party photos and an hour before the wedding started, I talked these three siblings into taking a quick trip to the barn that was off to the side of the road near the wedding location. Being great sports, they agreed.

We hopped into the car, jacked up the a/c and dug into the bag of Trader Joe's snacks that were in the trunk.

They were awesome and I so enjoyed a little bit of extra time with them.

IMG 9210 copywat

This beautiful lady was the baby for the first baby shower that I ever threw. Long, long ago. Oh my. I even babysat her as a newborn. She is such a delight and I loved getting to chat with her. So full of life and so beautiful. I don't even think she has a clue how beautiful she is.

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IMG 9217 copywat

IMG 9240 copybw

Then we did this sisters shot. I was talking to their mom the night before about how pretty the girls were. She absolutely agreed and kept telling me that she just loved their hearts and who they were growing to be also. I love that.

IMG 9213 copywat

I love, love her coloring. That pretty blonde hair and her shiny eyes.

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IMG 9191 copywat

And this guy. Mr. Personality.

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IMG 9179 copywat

LOVED hanging out with this crew. Thanks, guys! I know you smiled for a LOT of pictures that day.