I've been working on this last session of 2011 and feeling some mixed emotions. Yes, I do feel ready for a bit of a break and some more time to get my home pulled together for the holidays, time to focus on things like gingerbread houses with the kids and reading Christmas books. My newsletters are sitting beside me in the office in a stack, waiting to be put together and mailed out. I have some baking to do. I could use some time to just read a book for a few hours by the fire at night.

However, I have just LOVED all the sessions I have done this year. This fall has been a big rush but absolutely packed with people that I have so enjoyed. I feel so thankful for the clients/ friends I have photographed (for that's how I feel about everyone by the time we are done, even if we don't know each other well at the beginning). In a photography world where there are so many styles and approaches, I am getting more and more deeply rooted in what I love: clean images of real people who are full of life, love and personality. I am thrilled that the people who come to me are familiar enough with my work that they want what I do...and not just what another photographer out there does.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about who I am as a photographer and what I offer. I'll be re-doing my website and logo in January/ February and re-structuring my packages and pricing. I look forward to meeting up with lots of you again!

Anyhoo, if there was any family to finish with, this one was ideal. James and Ashley are so fun and easygoing and Elijah grins at the very mention of his name! Here they are photographed HERE and HERE and HERE.

They met up with me at the Christmas tree farm last weekend. You know I squealed when I saw Elijah in the penguin hat! I have been going on and on about my friend, Ashley, who is the one who has crocheted all the gorgeous owl hats for my kids, the sock monkey hat for Ruby, and soon you'll see another one on Theo. Her stuff is such lovely quality and is so happy looking. I literally get stopped every single time I have any of my kids out in her hats.

HERE IS HER SHOP . Check out Elijah in the 'Hairy Little Hat' as Apolo Ohno...one of the funniest Halloween costumes ever!

There was this awesome little rusty car on the side of the building that we used. That Elijah is one happy dude and they enjoy him so much.

IMG 7792 copyw

IMG 7789 copy edited-1


IMG 7812 copy edited-1


IMG 7817 copy


IMG 7823 cop edited-1


IMG 7833 copyw


IMG 7835 copy edited-1

IMG 7850 copy edited-3

Ashley popped a few goodies out of her bag for some individuals of the baby. Elijah knew he hit the jackpot with the candy cane and the only sad face of the day came when we tried to take it away.

IMG 7877 copy edited-1


IMG 7889 copyw


IMG 7925 copy edited-1

But then he heard his name and smiled again. He is truly a happy dumpling!

IMG 7959 copyw

Oh, let me check this out. Do I agree with this sign?

IMG 7955 copy edited-1

Of course I do! I eat and sleep and get entertained and have these lovely people that I call my parents...what could be more wonderful??

IMG 7929 copy edited-1


IMG 7981 copy edited-1


IMG 7976 copy edited-1

THIS is what I love. Pure love and happiness in an image.

IMG 7989 copy edited-1

Elijah was intent on the ornament.

IMG 8004 copy edited-1

He wanted it bad, even when mom tried to hide it.

IMG 7993 copy edited-1

He was ready for a snack....and isn't Christmas about the food?

IMG 8016 copy edited-1

Ashley, thanks for all the lovelies you have created for my crazies! It was fun for me to take these photos of your beautiful family.

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