One of the things that I hope to do during photo sessions is to hold a mirror up for families to be reminded of how beautiful they are. Inese is a friend who is constantly lifting others up, encouraging, and pointing back to the truth of who God is and how He cares. I was so delighted that she won one of my Christmas giveaway mini sessions, so I would have a chance to give back to her for all the encouragement she has given me.

She brought along her husband, Matt, and little beauties, Mandi and Elia. The weather had been looking promising all day but then turned on a dime and got blustery right before our session. I could tell this mama had been praying because it cleared up just in time for us to get some great shots of her family.

Note: little Elia poking out that little two-year-old tongue. Ha. Love it!

IMG 1948 copy

Mandi cracked me up. She was trying so hard to say my name and garbled it every which way. She was so fun and I was thrilled to catch this laugh of hers. A happy redhead is a glorious thing!

IMG 1974 copy edited-1

Sweet Elia.

IMG 1995 copy

IMG 2018 copy

A shiny heart and a beautiful woman.

IMG 2023 copy edited-1

IMG 2037 copy

IMG 2051 copy

Down to the water where the girls could hurl some rocks.... about two or three feet :) . This is a beach that their family loves to visit.

IMG 2081 copy

IMG 2076 copy

IMG 2088 copy edited-1

IMG 2098 copy

Hope you enjoy your look in the mirror, my friend :) .

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