The reason initially that I picked up my camera and wanted to learn to use it better was to get better pictures of my babies and family.  That’s why I especially have a soft spot in my heart to document families as they are growing.  This family has been with me since the very beginning, when they were expecting Ellie.  I’ve followed her first year, done yearly updates and now have the joy of meeting with them several times through Charlie’s first year.  A lot changes in just a few months.  This little man went from being a teeny tiny sleeper to a chunky monkey, trying to eat everything in front of him and laughing like crazy at his family members.  I love that they value each other and documenting this time in their lives.  A lot changes when kids are little but what I see consistently every time we meet is the hearts that they have for each other. (I have the best job.) I also wanted to add that my very, very favorite “props” for newborns and babies are their families.  It’s not super trendy but I believe that images of those little ones being loved by siblings and parents are the ones that will feel timeless.  They are my favorites and I feel very lucky to photograph families that feel the same way too.

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