I was there for her first individual school portraits. She was four and she was in my Mighty Monkeys preschool class. To be honest, her mother, my best friend, already had her reading at a third grade level, but Emily chirped to class every day. She was happy to play and learn at centers, and sang with the class, and painted cheerily. However, when it was time for the picture guy to come by, little Emily pulled the funniest little pout with her lip curled over...and would not smile. Lenore bought a big package of the pouty face pose.

Emily is in her senior year and I (along with a host of her other photog friends) got to take some portraits for her. When I was in Texas a few weeks ago, she took care of Theo and Ruby perfectly for me when I was doing photo sessions or visiting friends. She crafted and sewed with Ruby and fed and kissed up the baby for me.

IMG 2600 copy edited-1

Late one night, she and her dear pals, Heather and Hannah, were laughing fit to kill in her bedroom. I crept in with my camera and sat at the end of her bed.

IMG 1313 copy edited-1

IMG 1199 copy edited-1

IMG 1197 copy edited-1

I love those girls!

Emily is a smart, literary, artsy type of girl. She's rather whimsical and really comfortable in her own skin. So we wanted her photos to be fun and casual and really her. Photog friends, Chase and Hannah, shot with me and we had a ball trying different stuff.

We started off in her bedroom with the daylight streaming in.

IMG 2494 copy edited-1

IMG 2490 copy edited-1

IMG 2561 copyw

Then we went to the backyard where we took some pictures of Em along their shed.

IMG 2618 copy edited-1

IMG 2637 copy edited-1

IMG 2626 copyw

We dug around in there and I gave the assignment of finding a prop. So we came up with a license plate, books and old, funky chair.

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IMG 2705 copy edited-1

IMG 2708 copy edited-1

IMG 2733 copy edited-1

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The chair then got cram jammed on the laps of Emily, Chase and Hannah in the back seat of the car while Lenore motored us over to some wildflowers. Chase's sweet mom, Karen, watched my babies and was talked into buying ice cream from the ice cream man by Ruby. Sweet Miss Karen.

We did a few of Lenore and Emily together first.

IMG 2782 copyw

IMG 2785 copy edited-1

She loves her baby.

IMG 2789 copy edited-1

Then my two favorites of Lenore.

IMG 2819 copy edited-1

IMG 2822 copy edited-1

IMG 2830 copy edited-1

IMG 2878 copy edited-1

IMG 2860 copy edited-1

I love you, Em, and am so very proud of the young woman that you have become. What a fun night this was hanging out with you and all your papparazzi!