I am very aware that we are a wee bit spoiled by the fact that Ben gets to work from home. He's here when I need to run and get Ruby from school or get groceries and I can leave the boys down for naps. He pauses in his busy days to give the kids hugs and to grin at me. I love it. He works for a company in Santa Barbara and in exchange for the ability to do his job from home, he needs to go down three or four times a year to check in and have some face to face time with his team. For the last few years I would talk to him while he was away and quiz him on if he had gone to the beach or walked around or eaten any good food, while I was up to my neck in diapers and laundry. Of course, he would be working way late and not take advantage of the city and tell me that it wasn't really as fun by himself. My sympathy was not what it could have been because if I would be in his position, on my spare time, I would LOVE to roam around and enjoy a beautiful hotel room with no little voices waking me at 7:15.

So this time I finally got to tag along. Oma held down the fort with the crazies ( I kissed her feet profusely). And we just bought me a plane ticket so that I could bum around while Ben worked, but then we could hang out at night together.

We arrived to this.

IMG 7339 copywat

The hotel was right off of State Street, the main shopping street and just a fifteen minute walk from the beach. The first morning, I actually felt my pulse quickening at the overwhelming thought of hours and days to myself. It had been years since I had so much fun, unaccountable time to myself. I have to admit, I couldn't handle the complete spontaneity, and I went ahead and made myself a list of what I wanted to do.

Here is what I didn't do:

  • change one single diaper
  • do any laundry whatsoever
  • say, "You need to say 'sorry' to your brother and give him a hug."
  • wipe up under the table five times a day
  • clean up thousands of items each day
  • wipe a nose...well, maybe my own, once
  • say,  " No, don't say 'MINE', say 'please'.!"

IMG 7342 copywat

IMG 7417 copy wat


Here is what I did do:

  • walk all over SB for hours with my camera
  • shop in cute little boutiques
  • leaf through books at a bookstore
  • watch hours and hours of Olympics
  • eat a Starbucks sausage biscuit each and every morning (and subsequently gained three pounds this week....which might have been affected by all the other goodies I inhaled too)
  • read books, in bed, after 9 in the morning
  • wander along the beach
  • actually read my camera manual...oh, how I prefer the creative and not technical but it is necessary
  • get whistled at,by some guy biking by me on the street (it's been a LONG, long time since that's happened and I was alarmingly thrilled by it :))

IMG 7310 copywat

Really, pretty much the lowest point was when I was found this great wall behind a pub and was getting Ben to stand along it, and I stepped into someone's once-eaten pasta. ICK!!!! Ben laughed like crazy.

IMG 7312 copywat

IMG 7307 copywat

IMG 7314 copywat

The absolute high, was having time, time, time with my honey. Truly. It was so very wonderful to have so much time to laugh and talk and hang out. It just feels like we are in such a busy season right now with the kids being so little and with all the other responsibilities of life.  Sometimes it feels like though we are together much of the time, we don't always connect like we want to.

IMG 7303 copywat

Just being together reminded me of why I love him and why he fits me so completely.

IMG 7299 copy1wat

These next ones were taken by handy dandy timer while my camera was perched on a garbage can at the mission.

IMG 7236 copywat

IMG 7241 copywat

I really needed that. Some time to nourish myself. Some time to enjoy my baby. I am thankful. And I will make sure to butter up Oma so that she'll let me do this again...somehow I suspect she will.