When people ask me what I liked about living in Texas I always mention the food, and I always mention the people. The generosity and warmth and consideration were things that were pretty consistent and my friend, Jessica, is a prime example. She and her girls, who have grown into beautiful young ladies, met up with me for a wonderful session. Their dad and husband had to work this time, so this was a girls' event. We met at an outdoor shopping area which people don't think of, but the textures, colors and features are often so great for photography.


IMG 9616 copywat

Jessica is their family photographer and is often the one not in the pictures, so it was fun to get some images of her, because every woman should have some pictures alone too. Think of it, how long has it been since you had a picture of just yourself, with no-one else, a good one? A long time for most women...

She is just stunning.

IMG 9544 copywat2-1


Meet Alyssa, just as sweet as she looks. We found an A and then had to hunt down a J and a C for Caroline.

IMG 9652 copywat

And Caroline. I remember having her in my Sunday School classes.

IMG 9510 copywat

I love this one of the footwear....Jessica's AMAZING heels which nearly sent her to a wheelchair by the end, Alyssa's super cute boots which made her a tad overheated, and Caroline's darling shoes, which she never complained about.

IMG 9598 copywat

IMG 9641 copywat

I asked Alyssa if people stop and ask about her hair. People pay a lot of money to get hair this shade.

IMG 9665 copywat

Aren't they cute walking down the street? Jessica says her girls are quite the shoppers after years of training.

IMG 9581 copywat

Loved the light fixtures up there.

IMG 9602 copywat

IMG 9536 copybw

Girls, it was such a fun time being with you!

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