I have been hibernating here at my house this winter. I have been working on the house: painting, carpet, newly framed goodies on the wall. I have been catching up on my kids' scrapbooks. I have been reading books. I have been drinking much Trader Joe's hot chocolate.

Now with the sights of spring color and light making a promising appearance, I am getting very excited for another season of photography. I am now booking for this spring and through the summer.

I have had many of you comment on how you would like a photo session with me this year. If that is indeed something that you would like to plan on, I am asking you to set a date with me soon. I jotted down the other day literally dozens of families that have said this to me, and I would be sad to have you get close to that time and then not be able to have the session when you want.

As you think about where you want to have your session done, here are some ideas: in your back yard with the family playing on the grass and on your slip and slide, on an old bridge, on a downtown street. You can have me follow your family through a playground. You can do a session in a park and end up with a fun picnic. We can go to the beach. We can go to a back alley.

We live in such a beautiful area....the possibilities are pretty endless.

Here is a picture of Ruby and my mum at one of my favorite places to photograph people, Pike's Street Market...so many fun nooks and crannies.

IMG 8032 copywat