I am feeling itchy to take some photos. Being on bed rest, I feel completely saturated with t.v., I have read tons of library books, and online shopped as much as I dare. My camera is sitting neglected in our bedroom and although I know it will get a workout in just days and hours with our new baby, I still miss getting out in the sunshine and photographing families. Many thanks to all those who have been so understanding about me not being available right now.

So I went digging through my files and remembered that I wanted to post a blog on one of my favorite bribes this past year. Lollipops. I really have used them way too much and often chided myself on needing to get a bit more original. However, I was getting such a kick out of presenting them to kids (with their mothers' permission) at the end of sessions and seeing those faces light up! So I just decided to go with it and make it, "The Year of the Lollipops".

Here are some of my favorites:

IMG 3670 copywat


IMG 2051 copy edited-1


IMG 0771 copy edited-1


Not too thrilled with Little Brother's interest.

IMG 0783 copy edited-1


IMG 3229 copy edited-1


IMG 3955 copywat


IMG 3969 copy



IMG 7347 copy edited-1


IMG 8317 copy edited-1


IMG 8339 copy edited-1

IMG 8068 copy edited-1

IMG 8104 copy edited-1


IMG 8323 copy edited-1

Gimme that! Gimme THAT! GIMME THAT!!!


IMG 9137 copy edited-1

Now if I could just get it all in my mouth at the same time!

IMG 9152 copy edited-1

Good old positive reinforcement! Don't you know I made some friends with these. I need to find another trick now....