There's not much that makes me happier than photos "just because". Alex confessed that it felt just a bit indulgent to have portraits taken when she didn't fall into the main categories of picture subjects: engaged, getting married, having a baby. Just because she's in a new season of her life, working, traveling, taking a few classes here and there for fun, enjoying her family and her friends. A bit of what inspired her was the fact that her mom had portraits taken when she was in her mid twenties. I love that. I'll just bet that Alex is so glad that her mom did that and is not wishing that her mom would have indulged on a shoe sale instead (not that there's a thing wrong with shoes ;) ). Alex has joined me with daily pictures (or almost penalties for missing a day here or there!) for a 366 Project and I think that it's so awesome that she sees the value of documenting her life at all the different stages. Sometimes people feel like there's not a lot going on without a load of kids to put in front of the camera. Not true.

On my past trips to Santa Barbara, I have wandered around, enjoying the city while Ben worked hard all day. I have found myself wishing that I had someone to photograph because as much fun as it is to photograph beautiful flowers and buildings, it's way more fun to photograph people. Alex is a co-worker with Ben and I met her when Ben walked me through all the cubes last trip around. She was such a sweetheart and had read my blog when Ben sent out the link about Theo's birth to everyone at work. Since then, she's dropped me kind comments. (I love comments :) ) and when I told her I was heading down for a few days, she asked if maybe she could do a mini session as part of the photography fundraising for this amazing adoption.

She was such a pleasure to photograph. We wandered around and talked and I thoroughly enjoyed her. She's extremely engaging and knows how to reciprocate in conversation fluently (a skill I am always impressed with!). It was so fun for me to see how much she's enjoying her life and pursuing opportunities to grown and enjoy herself. She cycles around the city every chance she gets which is why I loved it that she met me on her bike. IMG 8249 copyw

IMG 8255 copy edited-1

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IMG 8286 copyw edited-1

She's so beautiful.

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I have now begun offering mini sessions. These are thirty minute shoots for one person (child updates, birthday pictures, headshots for business or websites, just because :)) and you choose 10 images from an online gallery to go on disk with a copyright release. It also includes an image of your choice to receive professionally printed as an 8x10.

Alex, because you were a part of the adoption fundraising, I am going to include all 18 images on your disk. Spending the morning with you was a pure treat for me!  Also, thanks for breakfast...that Andouille Eggs Benedict plate was pretty amazing.

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