When Kaia and Jessa were on our family vacation with us this SUMMER as the "Super Babysitters", we heard a lot about their brother and sister and dad. Their mom, Korinna, thought it was time for all of them to have some pictures done together and so she organized this session to focus on her girls and their brother (Jeremy) and beautiful sister (Jourdan), and dad (Richard). It was fun for me to have them all together and I could immediately see why the girls spoke so highly of them. We started in Tacoma and Korinna pulled out a water bottle and bag of licorice for me as soon as I arrived. She is always feeding me and my brood: chocolate, homemade cookies, drinks, snacks. I heard she's a quite a tamale maker and I would never hint or anything...that she should make me any or anything...but I certainly wouldn't complain is she did.... :) .

Everyone had their own school and work schedules and I always appreciate it when they make a real effort to make this time happen.

IMG 6453 copy edited-1

Seriously, what a good looking family. Talk about making my job easy.

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IMG 6465 copywat

IMG 6482 copy edited-1

IMG 6479 copy edited-1

Individuals of each "kid" with their dad.

IMG 6506 copy edited-1

Jeremy was overcome. I love you, Dad! What a ham.

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IMG 6545 copy edited-1

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IMG 6578 copy edited-1

The sisters.

IMG 6598 copy edited-1

IMG 6604 copy edited-1

Jeremy was a gallant brother by lifting his sister, Jourdan, up to the wall.

IMG 6631 copywat

Then in awesome big brother style...he made a couple rabbit ears for unsuspecting Kaia. (LOVE it!)

IMG 6632 copy edited-1

We went down the way and used an awesome old warehouse and the field beside it. The light was all indirect and soft. How I love this kind of weather when rain was forecasted. Ah, Seattle fickleness.

You can tell they have fun.

IMG 6657 copywat

IMG 6675 copy edited-1

Awwww, Dad!!

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IMG 6742 copyw

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IMG 6753 copyw

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IMG 6783 copy edited-1

Then a few of my favorites of Korinna with Kaia and Jessa.

IMG 6493 copy edited-1

IMG 6557 copy edited-1

IMG 6642 copy edited-1

IMG 6648 copy edited-1

IMG 6780 copy

This one totally cracked me up. Korinna pulls out her clown nose and her daughters are... mortified! Perfect.

IMG 6803 copy

IMG 6730 copy edited-1

Thanks for a super time with you all! And remember, Korinna,....tamales.....

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