Jeanna and I have been talking about this night for months and things just kept coming up, a big bruise on her little guy's head, crutches, sickness, then conflicting schedules. We were gung ho to go last week and then an hour before our shoot, black clouds rolled in and the rain came down. So tonight, all was well, the weather was glorious....but I took a wrong turn and ended up late with no cell phone battery left. Yikes. Thank goodness, they are a gracious family!

And I think the Lord rewarded us all with the most perfect light we could have asked for. When we got this shot right at the beginning, I knew it was going to be a good night....

IMG 2160 copy

Now, being a mother of a two-year-old, I understood Jeanna's concern of how her boy would do during a photo shoot. Frankly, every good picture I have taken of my boys lately, has involved me giving them treats to eat. But this little guy was amazing. In fact, he might be the perfect two-year-old. Just look at that grin!

IMG 2125 copy

This was a little game we played when he had to come run along and give me a high five. Now that was a WAY better grin, than all the "Say Cheese"ing in the world can produce. Great job, Luke!

IMG 2212 copy

I was so pleased that Jeanna's mom, Donna, came along. She was shiny and wonderful.

IMG 2245 copy

I love, love the relationship between grandkids and grandparents. It is a wonderful gift!

IMG 2330 copy

No wondering if this pretty girl looks like her mom. This is right during sunset....see how PERFECT the light is!

IMG 2344 copy

And I love this one of Jason and Jeanna together.

IMG 2322 copy

One more of the shell guy who certainly didn't want to go near the water...and was very concerned about me when I got too close.

IMG 2345 copy

Beautiful. This is an example of the "sweet light" of sunset+a beautiful lady. Thanks for a wonderful night.

IMG 2317 copy