Even in spite of a terrible farmer tan that I got yesterday, it was a golden day. Ben is out of town this weekend visiting a sweet great aunt and so with the whole weekend free, I made plans with a friend to meet at the beach and let our kids muck around. I shouldn't have even had them dress in clothes because it was warm and when we got there, they immediately shucked off their clothes and got in their swimsuits. Ruby carefully changed behind a towel that I held up around her...no bare bum on the beach for her anymore :) . Ruby, Jasper, Tymen and their friend, Cooper, were some pretty happy clams.

Making sand angels. Walking through the river that made it's way down the beach. Digging. Blowing bubbles. Designing moats. Spotting crocodiles and sharks. Throwing rocks at the Swamp Monster (the kelp that they all hated on their feet). Burying each other. Finding shells. Turning over sand dollars (Jasper called them "sand pennies").

It was pretty heavenly to see them happily splashing and messing around together. It was so relaxing as Dash Point Beach stretches right out and they were easily visible and there was no real danger that Tymen could get into (besides clocking kids on the head with Cooper's awesome shovel). I got to chat with my friend the whole time as she hefted the baby on her hip and designed moats with the kids, so that I could roam around and take pictures to my heart's content. Four hours passed very quickly.

IMG 9485 copywat

IMG 9490 copywat

IMG 9502 copy

Love Jasper's face as Tymen dumps his bubbles on his head.

IMG 9511 copywat

IMG 9513 copywat

IMG 9522 copywat

Hello, happy boy who can get as dirty as you want!

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IMG 9536 copy

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The baby was put in the stroller for a nap and we heard him fuss for a few minutes, then give a long squeak and then he was out, like a light. Love those little piggies poking out. The little boo is going to have to take quite a few naps like this during the summer, I am guessing.

IMG 9597 copywat

I asked Cooper if I could take a few pictures of him and his mom. He wasn't super thrilled to be leaving the digging at first but Tori  just swung him around and got an instant smile out of him.

IMG 9574 copywat

Love, love, love this one.

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IMG 9579 copywat

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IMG 9595 copywat

Then five minutes later he was back slogging sand and water with the kids. Thanks, buddy :) .

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Three boys throwing rocks. So long as they were all standing in a line and facing one direction, we were safe.

IMG 9635 copywat

You can throw rocks when you have very, very big muscles.

IMG 9624 copywat

A perfect golden day. The nice thing about days like this is that it leaves me with exhausted kids who got home, took showers to wash away pounds of sand stuck to every part of their bodies (even where the sun doesn't shine), and slept instantly when they were put to bed. Nice.