This year we've been been doing a date a week for the older three kids, taking turns with mum and dad. Target and Starbucks, Trampoline Nation, a walk at the park, time at the playground, a gyros at the mall. They are chomping at the bit for these special times and we've been loving it too. It's been a time to talk uninterrupted and to lavish affection on them individually. I know our kids are developing a real sense of camaraderie as they are growing together and it's been really fun seeing the relationships develop between them but we want them each to know that they are valued and heard on their own too.

Our conversations revolve around pretty simple things: what they are reading, school, church, what they care about. I find that in the simple exchanges come opportunities to validate and share our hearts and for that I am thankful.

Jasper and I had a few moments after school the other day and we went to the park.

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02-IMG 5202 copy


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Isn't it an amazing thing when parenting, to realize that these little people are the ones we've wanted our whole lives. I remember when each of mine were born I had a deep sense that I'd always loved them and was so happy to finally meet them.

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