I'm sitting in my office tonight, a wee bit grumpy about the sunshine streaming through my windows. After a long, cold, soggy spring, you'd think I would be glad to let some warm rays shine on my face....and I do love the sun. However, I made the worst weather call ever for tonight. At about one-ish it was dark and foreboding and the Tacoma hour-by-hour weather told me it would be pouring rain tonight. So I postponed tonight's session. Eep. That'll teach me to depend too heavily on weather predictions in Seattle! So to cheer myself, I am blogging some wonderful pictures from last week, on another sunny night. I met up with friends: David, Misty, and little Hayden for a family photo shoot to celebrate the spring, Hayden's four-year birthday, and the fact that Misty is just over halfway pregnant with their little girl. (You'll see an official tummy session in a couple months!) It was such a fun night. We walked around Sumner and chatted. Misty and David are warm and friendly and any of you who know them, know that there are not long, awkward silences ever :) . They are a happy family and are so anticipating the little lady that will be joining them soon!

IMG 9064 copy edited-1

Hayden's got a million dollar smile and I was able to capture it when he finally got his wiggles out and stopped bouncing up and down.

IMG 9091 copy edited-1

David was super on it whenever I said, "Alright, kiss your wife!" No arguing from him, I'll tell you.

IMG 9098 copy edited-1

IMG 9108 copy edited-1

IMG 9124 copy edited-1

There's a teeny tiny girl in that tummy who will be crawling all over the green grass next spring. Misty, we could do "part 2" of this picture with you on the quilt with your sweet girl next year.

IMG 9170 copy edited-1

IMG 9177 copy edited-1

IMG 9186 copy edited-1

Then Hayden went for a bike ride down the street, grinning like crazy as he tried to run me down. Good thing I wore my running shoes!

IMG 9304 copy edited-1

IMG 9300 copy edited-1

Hayden watched his daddy to learn how to make the "cool rockin' guy" face.

IMG 9351 copyWAT2

IMG 9338 copy edited-1

Yup, they've got some profile similarities going on, for sure...and they just really love to hang out together too.

IMG 9395 copy edited-1

IMG 9421 copy edited-1

Misty brought along Hayden's conductor hat as this boy LOVES trains.

IMG 9467 copy edited-1

Several minutes later, we heard the train whistle in this distance so we came back to a nearby parking lot. Hayden was so very excited and waved enthusiastically....the conductor pulled the train whistle....and scared this poor little guy whose parents could not stop laughing as they tried to comfort him. I think he's still brave.

IMG 9533 copy edited-1

A gorgeous night. A loving little family.

I love the way David is looking at his boy and his wife.

IMG 9528 copy edited-1

Life is good.