There are some parts of this job that definitely feel like work...balancing my books, backing up files, finangling with my website. The flip side is that there are times that feel like pure fun. Photographing this family is an  absolute joy for me. I think this was session number six, the first being when the two twins were just buns in the oven. I absolutely adore them. They are so easygoing and warm and the kids are darling. I got hugs and kisses from the little guys and the blessing of seeing how much these little munchkins have grown. One of my top three sessions ever was their spring session where we went up to the mountains and played in the snow. I laughed the whole time. Having family playtime documented like that makes me happy.

Ben's parents were in town from England and I was so happy to meet them, especially after all the lovely notes they have left when I have posted previous sessions of their grandchildren. What a treat to include them in this session! It was obvious that they take great pleasure in their family.

IMG 5832copy


IMG 5850 cop1


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We were wondering if we've ever had photos of just Jenny and Ben. It seems like we've been constantly chasing the twins :) .

IMG 6018 copy

Ah, just a little bit of stick action in the background. That's the reality of life right now!

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IMG 6058 copy

Animated mummy.

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IMG 6051cop

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