I love this quote that I found in the book, Designing with Photos. "A year before my mother died, I visited her home in Italy. One morning, when she thought I was still sleeping, she tiptoed into my room and carefully tucked the covers around me. No matter that I was a 74 year old man, a father and grandfather, I was still, always, her boy" -Ivan

This quote reminds me of my beautiful friend, Kristy, who is just that kind of mom. She loves those boys of hers. She and her husband, Brad, are raising these precious boys to have faith, compassion, a sense of humor and strength. We spent a few hours tonight at Salt Water State Park and had such fun.

I just LOVE this one! Kaiden and his sweet grin and curls....

IMG 8680 copy

This one is sweet too...remembering the one you married in the middle of busy little kid times.

IMG 8687 copy

That mom and dad are sure great sports!

IMG 8713 copy

These boys really are best buds.

IMG 8575 copy

Everything that Sky-Guy does, Kaiden is sure to follow!

IMG 8883 copy

Doesn't he look like such a cherub with those curls and blue eyes?

IMG 8829 copy

There is a lot of fun to be had for great boys at a park like this.

IMG 8968 copy

How about a picture of mom and dad without the kids...so important to have a few of these!

IMG 8809 copy

No wondering who this sweet child looks like...

IMG 8929 copy


IMG 9002 copy

IMG 8975 copy

Kristy has been such a great friend to me....this girl is pure gold. She has helped me so much with this whole photography venture, taught me much about photo editing, and designed my logo. She has cheered me on, listened to my heart, and I am so grateful for her.

IMG 8818 copy

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek, my friend. How's that for fast?