I know I’m not the only one who’s been loving the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having.  I feel like I’ve been turning my face towards the sun and soaking in the warmth.  Some people can be like that too, though most, in my experience, are unaware of how others just want to be around them.  My lovely friend, Rebecca, is like that.  Her warmth, care and heart draw others near, even when she’s just joking around or being honest about what’s going on with her day.  Her faith and encouragement have been a real blessing to me. 

I loved having the day with her to take some new images for her real estate work. Having clean, strong images that truly reflect a business owner is so important. We forged some crazy wind, walked up steep hills and Rebecca demonstrated her mad parking skills as we went around to some fun spots to shoot.  It was a pleasure to be together and to catch up.  Such a good time…thank you, my friend!

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We did a few fun ones too.07-Rebecca Feb 2015208-RebeccaFeb2015-3609-RebeccaFeb2015-4610-Rebecca Feb 2015311-RebeccaFeb2015-5112-Rebecca Feb 2015613-RebeccaFeb2015-5714-RebeccaFeb2015-7615-Rebecca Feb 2015716-Rebecca Feb 2015817-RebeccaFeb2015-83-2