I have done a record of our daily lives for the last three years and I absolutely love looking back at the details, even more as the years go by. For 2012, I was kind of waiting for a less busy, "normal" day to record and by December I was realizing that we may not have many of those and I needed to get it done if I wanted one this year. The light was terrible on this day with very limited daylight but it kind of adds to the raw feel of it all.

Even though Theo was cranky and congested, I decided to go for it and we started out our day with "Tom the Cat" which is a sure hit with him every time. Now I really am not a phone babysitter type of mom as I know it could be a slippery slope for me. However, good old Tom can instantly cheer up my boy and I went for it. He giggled like crazy as he said, "Wee-wee" (Ruby) over and over again.

01-IMG 7047 copy

02-IMG 7056 copy

Off to get Tymen who sleeps with his blanket over his head and feet sticking out.

03-IMG 7077 copy

Giraffey greeted me.

04-IMG 7088 copy


05-IMG 7101 copy

06-IMG 7114 copy

Ruby cleaning her glasses. We have a schedule set for her in the morning and she's pretty on the ball with getting ready on time.

07-IMG 7126 copy

Diaper change where Theo loves it when we freak out over his stinky feet.

08-IMG 7157 copy

09-IMG 7159 copy

Focusing is not always his strong point. Running around naked with a sweatpants turban was a strong pull.

80-A Day in the Life 2012

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11-IMG 7182 copy

Ruby gets school lunch once a week. The rest we pack.

12-IMG 7184 copy

Complaints from the table when Daddy was taking too long with the eggs.

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14-IMG 7200 copy

15-IMG 7220 copy

(Dad looks tired...no coffee yet.)

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17-IMG 7241 copy

When mummy makes breakfast we have smoothies or fruit along with eggs and toast but dad keeps it simple. Egg. Toast. Coffee.

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We absolutely love "late start Mondays" when we get to sleep in an hour later. Ah, it's like Fall Daylight Savings every week! On Mondays I pile everyone in the van and we drop off Ruby first and then run to Tymen's preschool.

21-IMG 7278 copy

22-IMG 7283 copy

Love that laugh.....

23-IMG 7286 copy

....which turns into an embarrassed face when she realizes her friends are coming and her mom is hanging out the van window with a camera. I still make her kiss me goodbye.

24-IMG 7290 copy

Off to Tymen's preschool. Jasper loves seeing his old teachers every M, W, F.

25-IMG 7299 copy

Tymen signs in.

26-IMG 7308 copy

Every time we drive up our hill and his this patch, Theo commands, "Mama!!!! WHOA!!!" which is my cue to swerve on the road and we all yell, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

27-IMG 7311 copy

By the time I get in from the van, Theo has run like the wind, pulled a chair up to the island, and started pounding down the popcorn snowman that we made.

28-IMG 7329 copy

Jasper has some fun making words with a new kit we were given and building. He really needs alone time, this one. Actually, I think we all do. I build "alone time" into everyone's day.

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30-IMG 7336 copy

31-IMG 7344 copy

Ben is working away, jumping into a work week. We are so very thankful he gets to work from home.

32-IMG 7360 copy

While Jasper is busy and Theo has "playpen time" where he plays for an hour too, I get to my desk with my iced coffee for some editing time and a peek at Facebook.

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34-IMG 7367 copy

Ben tries to distract me by talking to me with Tom the Cat.

35-IMG 7369 copy

36-IMG 7379 copy

After his quiet time, Theo charges into the office and yells, "Laddy!!!" (Daddy). Ben always takes time to swing him around.

81-A Day in the Life 20121

Jasper and I started very basic reading last January and I am so proud of how far my kindergartner has come. I take time to have him read to me for about 10 minutes each day.

37-IMG 7437 copy

38-IMG 7445 copy

Before we need to pick up Tymen, Jasper helps me make peanut butter and jelly heart sandwiches. You can see Theo trying to heave himself on the counter trying to get some and then yelling, "Mine!"

82-A Day in the Life 20122

39-IMG 7495 copy

While Jasper eats and then walks to the schoolbus with Daddy, Theo and I run back to preschool to pick up Tymen.

40-IMG 7502 copy

Theo loves Miss Megan who hugs him and then he points to her candy jar.

41-IMG 7509 copy

We're so blessed to have such great teachers for our kids!

42-IMG 7513 copy

Meanwhile Jasper makes it on the schoolbus with Daddy. He LOVES the schoolbus. His kind busdriver has pulled aside a time or two for this crazy late mom running down the street with her three boys.

44-IMG 7917 copy

At home after lunch, Theo wants to call "Bopa" (Opa) who he dearly loves.

46-IMG 7530 copy

47-IMG 7534 copy

Not so sure he wants to nap today.

48-IMG 7542 copy

Tymen gets some playtime in his room. My boys love building and pretend sets.

49-IMG 7556 copy

He and I are just starting Bob books and he is terribly proud.

50-IMG 7559 copy

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52-IMG 7590 copy

53-IMG 7598 copy

A wee bit more time for Mummy to do some blogging in the office.

54-IMG 7614 copy

I'm off to school by 3:10 while the youngest two are sleeping at home with Daddy to pick up Jasper from kindergarten. Ruby has art class on Mondays which is really her cup of tea.

55-IMG 7615 copy

56-IMG 7651 copy

Always reminding that boy to put his boots in the closet.

57-IMG 7688 copy

58-IMG 7691 copy

Snacktime and reading books with mummy.

59-IMG 7701 copy

I start a load of wash.

60-IMG 7711 copy

61-IMG 7715 copy

Bedheaded snacker. This is often when I let the kids watch a half hour show like Curious George.

62-IMG 7724 copy

I run off to pick up Ruby from her class.

63-IMG 7731 copy

Accelerated Reader..she was on the wall of fame for the school this month.

64-IMG 7736 copy

It's been getting dark already by the time she's done her class.

65-IMG 7743 copy

At home she finishes some hand stitching on the emblem that will go on the capes we're making for the boys and Cousin Quinny.

66-IMG 7754 copy

On busy days I throw a freezer meal in the oven. Shepherd's pie and salad. Nice. The kids love to get daddy for dinner because he runs down the stairs with them.

83-A Day in the Life 20123

67-IMG 7797 copy

Peeking while he prays.

68-IMG 7807 copy

After dinner the girls go to the office to sew and finish the project. Ben wrestles with the boys and takes them shopping.

69-IMG 7823 copy

70-IMG 7834 copy

On their shopping trip to buy mum's Christmas present, they also pick up ice cream. My facebook status the next morning was:

This morning Ben's shopping helpers from last night jumped up and down, "Just guess what your present is!!"
With big eyes and smiles, "It's big and has two wheels and starts with a B".
When I was already laughing so hard and obviously "not getting it", Tymen tried to help me further and sounded out, "B-B-B-I-I-K-K-"
Hmmmm, what could it be, Ben Hamilton? So glad your boys can keep a secret ;)

71-IMG 7844 copy

Brushing away the sugar bugs.

72-IMG 7849 copy

Books and Bible time with daddy.

73-IMG 7860 copy

74-IMG 7862 copy

75-IMG 7873 copy

76-IMG 7885 copy

I read and pray and cuddle with Ruby tonight.

77-IMG 7888 copy

Downstairs to fold some laundry and cozy up with my love while we watch Storage Wars. I love him.

78-IMG 7892 copy

79-IMG 7899 copy

I came across the quote this morning on someone's daily project.

"All of it is ordinary to everyone but me." Susan Vreeland.

I treasure these days, these messy, noisy, hairy, quirky times. Even the hard ones, especially the wonderful ones. I am thankful for every day that I have with this great family of mine.