I remember lots of little bits and pieces from my childhood. Taking baths with Kelly and pretending to be Mary, Jesus' mother, with our towels afterward. Red Christmas lights outside my bedroom window, making my whole room glow. Gluing fabric and cardboard and making dollhouses with my best friend. Carpooling to our private school and begging the parents to speed. Bedtime stories that my dad would whisper in our ears (and kind of spit too, unfortunately). Sitting beside my mum while she knit me sweaters. What I wouldn't give for a book about a day in my family's life when I was two, three, four....

When I saw this idea a few years ago, I jumped on it. I have created each "day" and captured them into books that sit on our coffee table. When I go through them I marvel at how much the kids have changed and how our routines have shifted. It's the kind of project that gets more meaningful as time passes.

IMG 7909 copy

I just haul my camera along for the day and photograph the nitty gritty that doesn't always get documented, and I find that is the stuff that I love the most! Though we go out all the time, I try to choose a day that we are mostly at home.

First thing in the morning. How lovely of Ben to grab my camera for the first flattering shot of me. Everyone generally wakes happy but Jasper almost always digs in his heels about not wanting to get dressed. There he is in the office, giving a puppy dog look after we told him that no, he could not have a p.j. day.

IMG 7626 copy edited-1

Everyone gets up and gets dressed in the clothes that are laying on the counter. Generally, there are a few reminders to settle down and get moving along.

IMG 7640 copy

Ruby's hair is getting long enough for pigtails. Ummm, mummy needs some help with her hair too.

IMG 7647 copy edited-1

Since the baby was born, Ben has been  "on"  for the mornings, getting the three older kids going and fed so that I can take care of the little guy and get in a little exercise. He says it's no big deal and he loves being with them. I am just so grateful for that help. He is such a good daddy (and husband).

Time to get up the Chubster who, when he sees me, jumps like he's had an electric shock and then he grins and flaps his arms. How I love him.

IMG 7661 copy edited-1

Then I cozy him in bed for a nursie. I love how he franticly makes little smacks, and then his breathing gets measured and eyes roll back when his tummy fills with milk. I love that he reaches to pat my face when I feed him too.

IMG 7670 copy edited-1

Downstairs Ben has Ruby's lunch that I pack the night before on the counter. She gets hot lunch at school on Thursdays and hopes for corndogs...which is never on the menu at home. "Kid's coffee", cream and milk with flavouring as a treat. Ruby reads while breakfast is readied. Tymen prays fervently for his food.

IMG 7675 copy edited-1

IMG 7682 copy edited-1

Upstairs, after I nurse the baby, he hangs on the floor while I get on the treadmill. Now I am no marathon girl, nor do I ever aspire to be, frankly. However, I do feel better (and know it's good for me) when I move a little. The love of my life brings me an iced coffee.

IMG 7691 copy edited-1

Ben brings Ruby to school. She is loving first grade!

IMG 7704 copy edited-1

Theo jumps around in my closet while I take a shower.

IMG 7715 copy edited-1

I get dressed. (I trust you did not want to see pictures of this :) ). Theo shares the secret to a good smelling bummie. Tymen kisses his changed brother.

IMG 7729 copy edited-1

Off to the office to get a kiss from Ben...for the baby and me. How we LOVE that he works from home! We know how spoiled we are by this!

IMG 7737 copy edited-1

Jasper wants a smooch too. My kids are all huggers, kissers and cuddlers....no complaining from me.

IMG 7745 copy

Giraffey (our "other"child) is sitting by mum's desk as he and Jasper were not doing so well together.

IMG 7747 copy-1

Time for the Chubster to eat. He would appreciate his mother putting down the camera and concentrating a bit more.

IMG 7751 copy edited-1

The boys start to bake and cook together. They really do buddy around pretty well as long as everyone's blood sugar is stable.

IMG 7773 copy edited-1

I am cooking too, a freezer meal. A whole load of meatballs to be used later in marinara or with Trader Joe's b-b-q sauce on toasted buns. Worcestershire in my hand...not a beer....I don't even like beer.

IMG 7783 copy edited-1

School time! We play color bingo together and the boys earn raisins and then letters and numbers. Jasper is just starting to learn some three letter words.

IMG 7810 copy edited-1

Room time! Everyone has some alone time. Tymen plays in his room. Jasper opts for Ruby's room but then gets a bit fussy about something. The baby hangs out on the office floor.

IMG 7840 copy edited-1

Ben is working away, inspired by Ruby's version of Psalm 91 which she memorized in kindergarten. Under it is the confiscated train piece which is so loud that it's almost always on Daddy's desk.

IMG 7851 copy edited-1

Mummy indulges in a little Facebook, photo editing, bill paying and emails.

IMG 7854 copy edited-1

Lunch time. Some of those meatballs on sandwiches and watermelon.

IMG 7863 copy edited-1

The boys play in the sunshine. Jasper gets biffed in the head with mud from Tymen.  It is my goal each and every day to wear them out before they wear me out.

IMG 7873 copy-1

Story time. They really love, love nursery rhymes. Then everyone naps. I want to kiss Theo terribly when I see him like this...but I don't wake him.

IMG 7897 copy edited-1

Coffee and book time for me. I have to take a little break here.

IMG 7913 copy-1

Jasper and I go on a donut date before I pick up Ruby. Each week I take one of the kids out for a date and we all love it! Jasper chooses a manly "Shirley Temple" donut. Ah, this boy has an older sister. He loves pink.

IMG 7920 copy edited-1

We pick up Ruby from school. I always love seeing her at the flagpole.

IMG 7926 copy edited-1

She and I read a novel and have a snack after school before she does her homework. It's a good chance to re-connect.

IMG 7938 copy

Then she has some quiet reading time in her room each day.

IMG 7947 copy edited-1

Tymen wakes up and joins me in the office where Theo is rolling around and growling like a dinosaur.

IMG 7970 copy

Jasper is building towers.

IMG 7979 copy-1

I start to make dinner. I am a firm believer of incorporating as much heavy cream into our diet as possible. I {heart} cream!!

IMG 7984 copy-1

LOVE THIS ONE!! Chewing on the boys for getting crazy at the table! For all the people who think that I am a calm and kissing mom all the time...I confess that this face comes out often.

IMG 7985 copy

After dinner Ruby and I run off to gymnastics. She loves it.

IMG 7995 copy edited-1

Home for a bath.

IMG 8003 copy edited-1

Dad is getting the boys ready for bed. P.J.'s, stories.

IMG 8004 copy edited-1

Bible stories and prayer. Giraffey returns to Jasper.

IMG 8018 copy edited-1

Ben delivers a piece of chocolate to his grateful wife.

IMG 8038 copy-1

The Chubster goes down to bed.

IMG 8033 copy-1

Usually the rest of our evenings are spent in the office, working on projects and then hanging out together. Sweet.

I told Ben that I really can't think of a better life than the one I have. I am not perfect. My kids are not perfect. Sometimes we are all tired and grumpy. On the whole, though, we are blessed and grateful. I am thankful to the Lord that I have been gifted with the opportunity to be the mummy of this crew and the wife of Ben.

It is a wonderful life.