If you are familiar at all with any scrapbooking blogs, you may have seen many variations of this project. Some dedicated folks document a whole week in their families' lives but I know that a day is much more manageable for me right now. I took these a few weeks ago but before I started the 2010 day, I went back to the day I documented in 2009 and marveled at the changes. Tymen was still sleeping in a playpen in our closet and I was feeding him a lot of his meals still. Ruby's hair was way short and she was just starting to read three letter words. Jasper was consumed with Veggie Tales and his cowboy hat.

Our days are comprised of many, many ordinary events. Getting dressed, errands, playing games, naps, snacks, wiping the floor. Very little of what happens is very glorious...but when I pause, I recognize the blessing in the sweet ordinariness of our home. Pausing to photograph our day makes me very, very thankful.

Here I am at about 7:00. I have been getting up to get myself going on the treadmill first thing. If it doesn't happen first thing it won't happen. No makeup. No hair brush yet.

IMG 2681 copy edited-1

Ruby now has an alarm clock and she knows that when it is 7 something, she can come out. Open blinds, make bed, brush teeth, get dressed... and then she is permitted to join me in the office where she begins each and every day crafting.

IMG 2686 copy edited-1

While I am pregnant I am going at least a mile every day. I always watch the Today Show or Good Morning America to make the time go faster. Otherwise, I walk and think, "When can I stop? When can I stop? When can I stop?" Today the news reports were on the Iceland volcano impeding air traffic.

IMG 2688 copy edited-1

The boys wait for Daddy to get them up, then they all cuddle in our bed and then he gets them dressed. Often the day begins with some drama.

IMG 2698 copy edited-1

The boys both give brushing their teeth a shot after we do the initial procedure. Tymen dearly loves to "bush teef".

IMG 2702 copy edited-1

Off to our bathroom where I have no privacy whatsoever as I take a shower and get ready. They both want to try Daddy's deodorant on that day.

IMG 2716 copy edited-1

Part of the fun of having Ben working from our home office is all the time during the day that he has to play around a bit with the kids. Frankly, I don't know what we would do if he ever had to commute. We're admittedly a little spoiled.

IMG 2722 copy edited-1

Downstairs where I start the laundry...about 8-10 loads a week right now.

IMG 2670 copy edited-1

Sustaining elements of the day...vitamins and French press coffee. Ben drinks it hot and I drink it cold every day...doctored up with flavoring and cream.

IMG 2752 copy edited-1

We're pretty much a protein family and except for "French Toast Friday" and "Pancake Sunday" we have eggs every day. Ben has me come sit on the couch with him for a minute while the eggs cook and the kids munch on grapes.

IMG 2762 copy edited-1

One of our very favorites...eggs on tomatoes and toast spread with mayo. Kosher salt.

IMG 2765 copy edited-1

Every day, Jasper eats his bread first and leaves the eggs for last and Tymen is the opposite. Today he throws his toast to the ground and heads to timeout.

IMG 2768 copy edited-1

Jasper can now reach the sink and washes his hands and face after brekkie.

IMG 2777 copy edited-1

I have to say, I feel like an exceedingly good and generous mother when I bring the playdoh out because it always is such a mess. They love to "bake" cookies and make snakes.

IMG 2787 copy edited-1

Then the two year old tosses his on the ground and puts a bucket on his head. Play-doh time is over.

IMG 2782 copy edited-1

I start folding laundry and have a sip or two of coffee. A month ago, during the first trimester, coffee made me so nauseous but now I am back to this elixir of life.

IMG 2797 copy edited-1

Everyone has "Room Time" for about an hour. They choose a few toys, get music in different rooms and enjoy some time by themselves. Ruby can play in her room or work on art projects at the kitchen island.

IMG 2805 copy edited-1

This gives me time alone in the office for phone calls, emails, photo editing, and of couse, Facebook, to which I am addicted.

IMG 2819 copy edited-1

At 11:30 we have to start on lunch so we can get Ruby off to kindergarten on time. Often lunch is leftovers from dinner last night...today shepherd's pie.

IMG 2828 copy edited-1

My girl loves to ride the school bus with her other kindergarten pals.

IMG 2833 copy edited-1

IMG 2843 copy edited-1

The boys and I return from the bus drop off and call Oma for our daily check in. Ummmm...how did the boy end up with purple Magic Marker on his pants? I don't know.

IMG 2849 copy edited-1

Outside to play for a bit of time. They both have the same jackets so I can identify them in a crowd.

IMG 2855 copy edited-1

NAPTIME!!! I could write paragraphs about how much I love this time each and every day. Tymen sleeps three hours and Jasper goes about two and a half every day. And I get a break to putter in the office, read or whatever. Yay!

IMG 2873 copy edited-1

I leave the boys sleeping with Ben at home and head to Ruby's school to pick her up.

IMG 2876 copy edited-1

Each day, Ruby asks immediately about snack and I give her a few choices. She is now a toaster and so makes her own honey toast.

IMG 2886 copy edited-1

Then we read our book together. I marvel at Ma who ironed her girls' dresses on the wagon, traveling across the prairie. How different are our lives!

IMG 2885 copy edited-1

Ruby and Jasper go out to play as I start to get ready for dinner. Jasper loves mushrooms.

IMG 2899 copy edited-1

Tymen is teething his little molars in right now and if he is not shoving food in his mouth, he if often gnawing on his fingers.

IMG 2905 copy edited-1

After dinner, Ben has to run to Lowe's and kindly offers to bring the "helpers" to Lowe's. Right now, if we ask Tymen what his name is, he either says, "TWO" or "He-per".

IMG 2916 copy edited-1

While the boys are gone, Ruby and I putter in the office. She is delighted with the new desk we found at the garage sale.

IMG 2918 copy edited-1

By the end of the day, my pregnant self is pretty pooped so Ben gets kids ready for bed, prays with them, reads stories.

IMG 2932 copy edited-1

I am thankful to God for all that I have been given. I don't have a perfect life but I have a blessed life indeed.

Sooooo, a challenge to some of you. Document your day. Do it for yourself. Do it for your kids or grandkids. You can see these pictures aren't masterpieces but they tell a story. It is a story that I know we will enjoy looking back at. I am going to put these in a photobook and put it on my coffee table. I know I will look through it a lot.

This is a day in our lives.