I like them. IMG 0309 copy edited-1

I like them individually and I like their whole family. A lot. This was a really fun session for me because they were all easy going and happy to be together, and also because, Troy, the dad, has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor which deeply calls to my Canadian soul.

Here are the brothers, Evan and Jared. I love the look on Evan's face which says to me, "Just you wait, I am going to eat my Wheaties and end up a foot taller than you and will use your head for an armrest. Just give me three years!"

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Then there are the sisters. Abby, Kendra and Karissa.

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It was a gorgeous night at the beach, a little bright to be sure, but so pretty.

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I asked Troy to tell his beautiful wife where he was going to take her once they finished paying for years and years of Christian school. In the glow of the bay, he was inspired and rashly promised to take her to a hotel in Tukwila. Moby wasn't exactly wowed but she did have a laugh. Troy was relieved that it was only photo documentation and not videotaped. Really. Tukwila.

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Here are the guys, laughing on the rocks, after their dad was trying to encourage them to look buff.

IMG 0426 copy edited-1

One of my favorite shots, a fun flying leap. Wahooooooo!

IMG 0493 copy edited-1

Have you ever heard of the website, awkwardfamilyphotos.com? It is a riot and I have killed my time cackling through their pages. I wonder if one day, the bottom photo will end up there, Dad showing a little leg while Kendra looks on. "Da-ad!!!"

IMG 0514 copywat

However, this crew looks like they have a good time, in spite of, or maybe because of, their dad's quirky humor. Stories to tell the grandchildren....

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