About six months after Ruby was born I took a walk through my parent's house and counted all the pictures of her that were up. In frames, taped on the fridge, shoved into mirror sides. Thirty-seven pictures. She was the first grandchild and everything but...that was a lot of pictures! Add in four more grandchildren, and every available area is covered with pictures of the most prized little people in their lives. They have been forced to exchange shots in frames and have a digital frame running to keep up.

For Christmas this year, we promised them a big canvas of them with all the kids. Last month, on a trip up to Vancouver, we all got to the park for the fun.

Quinny apparently was the one not feeling like it was any fun at all.


Take a closer look at the babies. How we laughed when we saw Theo sticking out his tongue! We couldn't have planned that any better. My sister laughed when she was standing there, trying to happy up her little gal. Crying babies is a part of life right now.

cangrandkids edited-1

We had a great time at the park playing after that. Blue Mountain Park is one that I spent much of my childhood visiting and it is a favored spot for my kids when we go up. There's a spraypark we visit in the summer and a great play area with the good old horses that I remember when I was little.

Ruby said, " I feel like Laura in Little House." I remember feeling like Laura, sitting on the horse too.

IMG 9495 copy

IMG 9475 copy edited-1

IMG 9497 copy

Then Quinny was happy again, after the pressure of the big family shot was over.

IMG 9443 copy

IMG 9448 copy edited-1

IMG 9457 copy

IMG 9594 copy

I had to get some good shots of my beauty of a niece.

IMG 9557 copy edited-1

IMG 9509 copy

We ordered the canvas and I was so pleased with it. Mum and Dad came this weekend and they were thrilled with their gift.

IMG 5162 copy

IMG 5159 copy

I have a feeling this picture will be front and center in their home...and that their guests will all be walked in front of it, slowly, so that they can appreciate all these five kiddos too.

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