A few weeks ago I posed this question on my photography Facebook page. I was just chatting today with a mama-to-be about having a few good tummy pictures, even though you don't feel so glamorous. Mamas who did and didn't take pictures (with me or anyone else): what are your thoughts? I got immediate feedback. Out of all the moms that did, not one of them regretted it and many expressed how much they loved them...and how their kids love them too now that they are older. Some said that they were surprised at how much they were forgetting being pregnant and that the pictures were a great reminder.

One mama commented that she loved being pregnant but didn't really want to have pictures of it. However, all the rest who didn't...seemed to wish they did. Some were pregnant in the days of big prints and muu-muus when the goal was to hide the tummy. Some wished they even had a snapshot.

One mom who shied away from them, said that now she recommends them to anyone who asks by telling them to document this amazing adventure in life. Its part of who we are & the road we traveled!

This is Cathie. She is having a baby boy.

I adore this picture of her. I absolutely love the way her face is shining and happy, how beautifully she is growing her son, and how her legs are stretched out on her husband who is so excited too, and wonderfully supportive.

IMG 0117 copy edited-1

Cathie is a dear friend of my sister and I was a bridesmaid with her at Kelly's wedding. Her toast to the bride was lovely and genuine while I confess to being a bit of a stinker and divulging a few secrets :) . I have seen Cathie here and there in the last few years and was happy to hear she was pregnant and then thrilled when she asked me about tummy pictures.

I spent a perfect morning with her and her husband, Timon. It was fun to hear about how they are getting ready for their little guy. I just love baby talk and the whole process of two people wondering just what on earth parenthood will really be like, and then meeting them in love with their little nugget a few weeks later.

We started out at their apartment which is in a stunning location, at the top of their building with an incredible view of the city. They had huge windows and tons of gorgeous light.

IMG 0095 copywat


IMG 0104-1 copy edited-1

At the end of pregnancy, you find yourself just longing to see that little face of the person inside. After seeing the baby's ultrasound, Timon assured Cathie that she can just look at him in case she wants to know what the baby looks like. Cathie agreed...but maybe he'll have her feet, you never know :), right guys?

IMG 0119 copy edited-1

IMG 0140-1 copy edited-1

I had Cathie test out whether her little "shelf" was stable. Hey, you better put it to use while you have it.

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Puppy dogs in the window of a kids' store down at the market.

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We popped into their favorite donut shop for a moment. When the pregnant mama wants a donut....she gets one. They kindly got me one too and I bought an iced coffee so I was completely unable to take pictures until I scarfed down my snack.

IMG 9904 copy edited-1

IMG 9908 copy edited-1

Then we found the perfect billboard to use on a maternity shoot.... "Mom's the Word", a hilarious comedy, I am told.

IMG 9900 copy edited-1

No need to be concerned. She's going to be a fantastic mommy.

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See you soon!