There should be a halo visible over Sarah's head but you will just have to imagine it. This kind, angelic friend responded to my whiny Facebook status one night about how figuring out Quickbooks for my business felt like pouring acid all over myself. She kindly offered to come help me out....seriously!! Is that a friend or what?! Within a couple of sessions she had everything set up and me actually understanding what was going on. What a girl!! With all sincerity, Sarah really is a jewel. She is the kind of wife, mom, daughter and friend who is faithful and supportive, caring and warm. That's just who she is. It was such a pleasure for me to be able to capture some maternity pictures for her before her sweet number three arrives next month.

We started out inside her mom's home, which was Sarah's childhood home. It is just stunningly beautiful, every detail attended to, right on a lakefront property.

IMG 6930 copy edited-1

Isn't she cute? Almost the whole side of the house is windows and they have the most gorgeous light there.

IMG 6932 copy edited-1

Sarah really wanted for this session to very much involve her two children and husband. LOVE those happy little faces.

IMG 6958 copy edited-1

My favorite part of this one: that happy grin on the face of sweet Charise, who knows that her parents adore each other.

IMG 6976 copy edited-1

Everyone can't wait to get their hands on this precious little girl. Love the stick-on tatoos.

IMG 6978 copy edited-1

No wondering whose tummy the baby is in :).

IMG 7007 copy edited-1

Josiah lays down for about two seconds and then can't resist sitting up to flash me a grin.

IMG 7009 copy edited-1

So beautiful, bringing new life.

IMG 7064 copy edited-1

A little life that is already cherished by them all.

IMG 7054 copy edited-1

Family shot at the pier....keeping a close eye on the two-year-old who is getting a bit close to the edge.

IMG 7074 copy edited-1

Nothing says, "SWING!" to a little kid like having both of his or her hands held.

IMG 7088 copy edited-1

IMG 7097 copy edited-1

I can't wait to meet Baby Ella! If she looks anything like these cuties, she'll be beautiful indeed.

IMG 7103 copywat