Nothing brings hope eternal like a baby on the way. Jagatjoti Khalsa

She has a heart a mile wide and cherishes her husband and her son. She talks about them and the way that she values them makes all of us around her want to be a better wife and mom. Add to that little family now a little girl who is just days away from being right in the middle of them and the hope..and love...and delight are so evident. They are beyond happy.

Misty and I have been dreaming about this maternity session for months. We pushed it back one overcast and drizzly day because we wanted beautiful evening sunshine. We got the perfect night and met out at Misty's parents' gorgeous property, where Misty grew up.

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The sun was streaming in through the willow tree so we camped out there a while.

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This boy adores his mama, and I suspect he's going to take care of his baby sister too.

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Then Hayden roared off to jump on the trampoline with his cousins while I spent some time with his parents. David is such a great guy.

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It was Misty's beautiful mom's birthday that day. We don't even need to wonder what this baby girl will look like.

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We popped over to visit Ginger. Carrot bribes, baby.

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Just as we were losing light, we ran inside to turn on the tub water and Misty changed into her swimsuit for some belly in the bubbles pictures. LOVE these.

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The plan is for me to photograph the birth of this baby girl. I. Can. Not. Wait. One of my very favorite pictures of my whole life is of me clutching Ruby to me seconds after she was born. I have tears running down my face and I look completely and utterly and wildly in love with this little person who I had loved my whole life....and now got to hold. Birth photography is getting more and more common as people are recognizing that this once in a lifetime (literally) opportunity is packed with beauty and emotion.

You'll be seeing this baby girl soon.