Taaaa-daaaaa!!!! Can you believe it? For the first time in two months, there are pictures on my blog of something other than my little family. I have been posting through the end of my pregnancy, bed rest, and finally...baby! I will be taking it easy until the end of 2010 as I soak up newborn time with my little Theo. However, I just couldn't resist a pregnant mama and baby on the way, because they just can't wait....and I have one other session coming up that I scheduled way back. Then I will be back in the saddle again starting in January for all types of sessions, so if you have a date in mind, shoot me an email and let's get you on the calendar.

Here's a peek at a special tummy session.

I was feeling the love and not even crummy weather could dampen it. Shauna and I had been in email contact before the date of her maternity session, and we were hoping for some of the gorgeous fall weather that we in the Northwest have been basking in. Sunshine, crisp leaves and even seventy four degrees earlier that week but I awakened on the day of the shoot with dark clouds and heavy rain. Not fun. However, Shauna and her husband were game to toss the plan to head to the marina, and to capture some shots at their home. When I arrived and met them, I instantly liked them. A lot. It was very obvious to me how much they care about each other and also what a huge place in their hearts is being prepared for their baby girl.

We used window light and then also took the opportunity when there was a lull in the rain to pop outside and get some fall color in their shots.

A perfect little tummy she has where there's a wee girl curled up, getting ready to meet them somewhere around Christmas day.

IMG 6035 copy edited-1

I am pretty convinced that this girl will be a sweet little pumpkin.

IMG 6051 copy edited-1

IMG 6061 copy edited-1

IMG 6055 copy edited-1

This is one beautiful mama. Shauna is actually a nurse midwife who knows all about labor and delivery. How exciting for her to now be able to be the one blessed with a baby after caring for so many other women.

So pretty.

IMG 6080 copy edited-1

And Shan is definitely proud of his beautiful wife, and looking forward to meeting his girl. I believe he said that he has four sisters so he should know what he's getting into :).

IMG 6083 copy edited-1

Yep, they are happy, and definitely hoping for a happy girl. (Letters stolen off the mantle from a cute fall display.)

IMG 6090 copy edited-1

IMG 6105 copy edited-1

IMG 6111 copy edited-1

IMG 6123 copy edited-1

Loved this cute baby girl shirt that Shauna found.

IMG 6149 copy edited-1

Shan and Shauna, I can't wait to meet your sweet baby girl in just a few weeks!

IMG 6166 copy edited-1