Last year a mom remarked to me, "You must love your job, seeing people at their best together!" That is an understatement. I love the connections, I love getting great expressions, I love seeing people's hearts together. As opposed to a creditor, clerk at the DMV, or parking ticket officer people are generally happy to see me (with very occasional exceptions ;) ). I feel like this little part time job has allowed me to spend time with families that I might not have met and that is such a bonus.

What's even more of a cherry on the top is someone who is just so excited for family pictures. Kathleen was enormously looking forward to having her family together for this session and was raving with appreciation to me even before we got much so that I was laughing when I got off the phone with her the night before.

I knew that we had much the same vision for our time catch the relationships and the love they have for each other. It was a great night at Pt. Defiance Park.

We started out the night with four generations and I was terribly impressed that the great grandfather was the first one to hop up in the tree.

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IMG 9400 copyw

With their great grandson, Charlie.

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This is Hope, the precious girl that's been loving up our Theo in the church nursery. She's always so warm and fun and makes his class a great place for him. Hope, we sure love your sunny personality!

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Here she is with her little sister, Mercy. Love these sister ones.

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This is Brice, the awesome brother. He was giving me some cheesy smiles until I had Hope come with us to make animal sounds and then he cracked up. Cheese just won't do.

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I was chasing down Mercy, and she was running all over when it was her turn. She finally dropped to the grass and started giggling. Perfect! I'm guessing this is way more "her" than if I parked her nicely on a bench and folder her hands on her lap!

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Faith is the oldest sister and she and her husband have little Charlie, who was such a trooper that night as it was a bit chilly and close to his bedtime.

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Charlie with his daddy, Alex.

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Brice climbed a tree and his mama hopped right up with him. Love these.

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Twenty one years married and they are fantastic together. Chris is hilarious and had his wife laughing constantly. Yeah.

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She loves that little Charlie (but doesn't look like a grandma, I think!).

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Under the instructions of his family, Alex wore his dress uniform for a few pictures. Faith looks pretty proud of her husband.

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We always need to get a few good ones of the mom.

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LOVE this one of the girls!

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A few more of Kathleen and Chris together.

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And then Mercy had to pop in again. After all, the four year old runs the show, right?

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It was a happy night and a beautiful family worth celebrating!