During the summer when I first started my business three and a half years ago, Ellie was the first baby that I got to do my first official "belly and baby" sessions with. Then I got to meet with them several times afterwards to document their family as she grew. I always came away from those sessions feeling the genuine warmth and affection between them. And now this little lady is going to be the baby sister and a little brother is the one tucked up inside that cute baby belly.

There are a lot of reasons that I love maternity sessions. First of all, I think that pregnant moms are so beautiful. Though most don't feel super glamorous (at least the ones I know ;) ), there's just something so amazing about this narrow window of time where they are growing a little person! How incredible and worth celebrating. Secondly, I think it can be such a great time to have a last documentation of a couple/family just before everything is forever changed with a new little person. Their interactions, the way that Ellie is so fun and confident and crazy, I loved that we could highlight it.

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She's a super fun little girl and was totally game to show me her belly too.


06-IMG 2109 copy

Blowing kisses.

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Sharleen has the most beautiful laugh and I found myself so uplifted by the end of our session by her sweet warmth.



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You can tell who knows she is the star of the show!

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At the end, we headed off to reward Ellie with a yummy cupcake across the street. She was one focused girl.

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Love those little legs dangling down in the middle.

42-IMG 2539 copy

43-IMG 2489 copy

Sharleen, Moni and Ellie, I can't wait to meet your sweet boy soon! And thanks for the wonderful box of cupcakes you sent me home with. My kids were so pleased to help eat them.

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